200,000 donations raised by post-80s girls for cancer have been questioned and refunded

 200,000 donations raised by post-80s girls for cancer have been questioned and refunded

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Li Yan, a pioneer girl after 1980, suffered from cancer. She launched a 200,000 yuan fund-raising project on the platform and completed the fund-raising in a short day. However, some netizens reported to the public funding website that Li Yan had her own company and had a house and a car under her name, questioning her fraudulent donation. After much consideration, Li Yan decided to cancel the crowdsourcing project and refund all the donations.

In the afternoon of March 4, Li Yan released a message on the platform that he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. The high cost put the families who were not very wealthy in a desperate situation. He hoped to get help from everyone, and launched a fund-raising target of 200,000 yuan.

In his self-report on fund-raising, a reporter from Changjiang Daily saw that Li Yan claimed that his parents were in poor health and needed long-term medication, with a monthly pension of only 4,000 yuan. She works for a friends small e-commerce company and manages the business. If the husband comes to the hospital to take care of her, the family will lose the stable income completely. The cost of treatment put their families in a desperate situation, hoping that good people could help her. On the morning of the 5th, 200,000 fund-raising has been completed.

However, netizens questioned quickly: Li Yanshi was in charge of the company, and had a house and a car under his name. He should not be short of money and questioned the existence of donation fraud.

On the 6th, a reporter from the Yangtze Daily confirmed that all the information about Li Yans illness was true. For the company director and have a house and a car questioned by netizens, she also said frankly: basically true. Its really a corporate entity of a small start-up company with a property. Li Yan said that after the fund-raising was launched, 200,000 people had been raised in almost a day, most of them relatives and friends. After being reported by netizens, the platform staff also communicated with her. In order not to bring negative impact to the platform, she decided to return all the good money one by one.

Although I returned the money, many friends paid the money to my WeChat and Alipay. At present, about 80,000 donations have been received. Li Yan said. At this point, Li Yan still has doubts in his mind: cant his own situation initiate fund-raising? Why is it questioned by netizens as fraudulent donations?

Client: Family conditions are not rich, and fund-raising is also compulsory.

Faced with the questioning of netizens, Li Yan felt that he was very unjust. Li Yan said that he was a filial piety and moved people. After graduating from university, he stayed in Wuhan to start a business. In order for parents to have a place to settle in Wuhan, they bought an apartment in Gutian the year before last, with a monthly loan repayment pressure of 6,000 yuan.

Regarding the economic situation, she explained that she was indeed a corporate justice person. The company was founded in 2014 and is in its infancy, with only 18 people. Most of her familys savings are also used for her early start-up. She is mainly responsible for the operation and management of the company. Although she has a monthly income of 10,000 yuan, of which 6,000 yuan is used for repayment of loans, she can not save money at all. The car is also about 50,000 yuan, mainly used as a vehicle for the company to talk about business.

Li Yan confessed that after she was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, the doctor told her that chemotherapy in the early stage would have an impact on speech. The whole treatment plus recovery period was about three years. Although the cure rate is 85%, but the company is in the initial stage of development, most of the business is to talk about one by one, three years of treatment, the companys business how to do? If the companys development is delayed due to its illness, it will undoubtedly be worse.

After being reported by netizens, Li Yan communicated with the staff. In order not to bring negative impact to the fund-raising platform, she also hoped that more netizens would keep a heart, a heart, and help those in need. She decided to return all the donations one by one.

Fundraising platform: mainly for patients with major diseases, the sponsors should provide real and comprehensive information

On the 6th, a reporter from Changjiang Daily contacted the relevant staff of the platform. According to the other side, the platforms funding conditions are for patients with major diseases publicized by the state. For those who apply for fundraising, after submitting all the supporting materials and examining them correctly, the project will be online to the public fundraising page of the platform micro-fund. If during the fund-raising period, some netizens report that the information submitted by the staff does not conform to the real situation, the platform will freeze the fund-raising.

For economic conditions, the staff member said that there is no hard and fast regulation at present. If there is only one property under the name of the individual, which belongs to the newly needed house, it is still possible to apply for fund-raising, but if there are two or more real estate under the name of the individual, the platform will not normally examine and approve the application for fund-raising.

The staff member pointed out that the applicant should provide as much comprehensive and detailed information as possible when initiating fund-raising to support the applicants statement.

Source: Liable Editor of Changjiang Daily: Li Wan_B11284