Byte bouncing establishes search department, grabs traffic pool to defend BAT

 Byte bouncing establishes search department, grabs traffic pool to defend BAT

Wen / Lv Qian

Too many people in our group go to byte beating. Im used to hearing about it. When the first financial reporter asked a 360 group insider for information about the byte jump of Wu Kais entry, the latter responded.

On March 6, it was reported that Wu Kai, the top 360 search product manager, had joined byte beating as the head of search business at the end of 2018. The first financial reporter corroborated the byte jump. The latter responded that todays headline search has been launched, which is an extension of todays headline information creates value. Users may try it out through the search box on todays headlines, and the product is still in the testing stage.

According to people familiar with the situation to the first financial reporter, Wu Kai actually left 360 pioneering Qiyuwei office as early as 2017.

According to public information, Wu Kai graduated from Tsinghua Masters degree in 2006 and worked in Microsoft, Baidu, Taobao and other companies. Qiyuwei Office was founded by Wang Yanjun in November 2015. Ren Xuyang holds 31.4% of the shares as the major shareholder. Wu Kai, as CTO, led the team to explore the direction of mobile office + artificial intelligence in SaaS.

According to the first financial reporter, byte bouncing has been tried in the search field.

In 2017, headlines are developing rapidly in the field of content distribution. There are many headlines, videos, atlases, users, questions and answers, and comprehensive search content in the platform. Then in todays 5.9.8 version of headlines, the search function is online. Users can get information through keywords, which opens the clearer layout of headlines in the search field.

At the same time, the headline opens the off-site search layout by cooperating with Sogou Search. At that time, it can be said that the intent of competing directly with Baidu on the mobile side was obvious.

In 2018, byte bouncing and Baidu are competing fiercely in information flow, short video and other fields, and legal proceedings are still frequent. According to the report China Mobile Search Market Analysis Report 2018 - Industry Deep Investigation and Development Prospect Forecast released by Yantianxia, Baidu continues to occupy the first place in the domestic search market, and most of it comes from its own traffic, which has strong sustainability.

In addition to competing for mobile information flow and user attention through search function, byte bouncing began to attempt to introduce search function in the business field.

In November 2018, byte bouncing online commodity search function serves todays headline e-commerce platform Buy at ease, supports the search of commodity categories and brand names, and presents search results in the form of commodities. In addition, according to the degree of category segmentation, todays headlines will also give different search results. Today, the headline APP search box searches for womens clothes, users will see the lower categories of womens clothes to buy at ease.

A search practitioner told First Financial Journalist that in order to quickly find and recommend what users want in search business, content pool is the first thing to do. In terms of data, there is absolutely no problem in searching headlines for internal articles today, but in terms of external search, byte-bouncing database content is not superior to Baidu, Tencent, Ali and other platforms in terms of resources and data accumulation. Potential, in addition to the technical aspects also need to be greatly enhanced.

Traffic scale is the core element of competition among Internet enterprises. Search is the only way to build a larger traffic advantage. At present, the mainstream search engine companies in the industry, mainly through the construction of search engine website platform, based on the optimal algorithm and database to obtain search traffic, establish brand appeal and user size, enrich the content of links, and promote the increase of advertising revenue.

In terms of the competition pattern of Internet giants at home and abroad, BAT in China, Google, Amazon and Facebook in other countries have the function of searching in their respective traffic pools. Nowadays, byte bouncing speeds up the layout in the search field, which is in the background of traffic peaking and obvious trend in short video industry, speeding up the layout. However, it is still unknown whether byte bouncing can affect the off-site traffic or serve the Ali system as Shenma search.

Source: First Financial Responsibility Editor: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279