Lin Qingxia was exposed to marriage and changed into Zhenzhen: she often gathered but did not see her husband

 Lin Qingxia was exposed to marriage and changed into Zhenzhen: she often gathered but did not see her husband

Zhenzhen disclosed that she and Lin Qingxia often meet in private. She often invites me to her home for dinner. Her food is delicious, but its not her cooking! We also go out to eat hot pot or something. We often get together. Although it is a regular appointment, Zhenzhen has never seen Xing Li. She hastily explained that they are all girlsparties, and there will be no male or partner to attend. As for the other partys marriage, she said embarrassingly, We will not ask her about this kind of thing (Lin Qingxia)! Skillfully avoid problems.

Zhenzhen had a very good platform this time. Instead of making an appointment with Lin Qingxia, Xu Feng invited her to come. I promise as soon as I hear it! Actually, I had to go back on the 3rd, because the movie decided to stay until the 8th. When Red Dust was released, I was in the United States. I didnt see it. Last night I saw it for the first time. It was so good. It was really a movie that represented China.

Zhenzhen is in poor health. She went to the hospital only yesterday morning to dismantle the machine for detecting arrhythmia. The report will be released at the end of the month. She confessed that her health was good and bad. I just lacked exercise. My son (Liu Ziqian) told me to exercise and eat less sweets. I have diabetes! Im just a disobedient patient! he said with a laugh. She is also expected to stay in Taipei these days to see her body and take the opportunity to rest.

Lin Qingxia married Xing Li, a Hong Kong businessman, in 1994, and gave birth to two daughters, Xing Ailin and Xing Yanai. She chose to take a shadow to teach her husband and son at home. Last September, she was shocked by divorce rumors. She suspected that her husband, Xing Li, could not stand her husband. A third child, after taking 2 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 1.7 billion yuan), returned to singleness. However, there has been no positive response from both sides since the marriage.

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