Fu Huans fake action lets Kawasaki send Hurk to kill him overnight

 Fu Huans fake action lets Kawasaki send Hurk to kill him overnight

The new season in Hong Kong started well. After winning the Super Cup at 2-0 Rick Guoan, it swept Shenhua, the citys deadly rival, 4-0 away from home in the first round of the Chinese Super League. Facing the first match of the Asian Championship, going to Hong Kong will encounter a disadvantageous situation at the beginning. The main centre-back, He Ha, came off injured, but the team was not affected by this opening accident.

However, Kawasaki is not an easy bone to gnaw, after all, Japans opponents were last seasons League champions. By the end of the race, in the 89th minute, a miracle appeared. It was Fu Huans right-hand pass that replaced him who used to play in the forbidden area. Shoutian Ying fouled by falling handball. He got a good chance to go to Hong Kong on penalty kick. Hurk accomplished it overnight and killed Kawasaki 1-0 at home in Hong Kong.

Despite winning the thrills, it seems reasonable that Shanghai has won the first Asian Championship and the first home game of the Asian Championship in the past four seasons, and all of them are zero opponents.

In 2016, Shangkong won 3-0 at home in the supplementary tournament and successfully entered the group tournament. In 2017, Shangkong won 3-0 at home to Su Ketai in the playoffs, and also entered the competition with ease. In 2018, Shangkong won 1-0 at home against Chiang Lai-lian and entered the group tournament through the additional tournament. This season, for the first time, Shangkong was directly selected as the champion of the Chinese Super League, but inherited the tradition of the past, the first battle was successful and zero opponents.

With a team from Kawasaki, Ulsan and Sydney, the group of going to Hong Kong is not ideal, but fortunately it has made a good start and laid a solid foundation for the group to go out.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Bintang Responsible Editor: Xu Zexin_BJS4919