Two mayors of Shanxi talked about the same thing. One of them was interviewed twice.

 Two mayors of Shanxi talked about the same thing. One of them was interviewed twice.

On the morning of March 6, the delegation of Shanxi deliberated on the report on the work of the government in groups. It was noted that Liu Yuqiang, deputy of the National Peoples Congress and mayor of Linfen City, and Lei Jiankun, deputy of the National Peoples Congress and mayor of Yangquan City, all mentioned the issue of pollution prevention and control.

Shanxi Delegation Group Consideration of the Report on the Work of the Government

Mayor who was interviewed twice

Linfen, as a resource-based economic region, has long been restricted by the natural geographical conditions and industrial structure, and its ecological environment is fragile. It is a major historical issue that we are facing to climb the transformed mountains and cross the long barrier of environmental protection.

Liu Yuqiang, mayor of Linfen City, made his first speech at Wanshouzhuang Hotel at 9 a.m. on the 6th.

At the outset, he mentioned that efforts should be made to solve the problem of insufficient and unbalanced development so as to achieve real growth from high-speed to high-quality. When it comes to environmental protection, Linfen, Shanxi, is a key area.

In January 2017, Liu Yuqiang was interviewed by the former Ministry of Environmental Protection because of the serious deterioration of air quality in Linfen City. At that time, Liu Yuqiang once said that his feeling of accepting the interview was like a stick in the back, like a needle in the mat.

A year and a half later, in August 2018, aiming at the problem of false environmental air automatic monitoring data, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment joined the Shanxi Provincial Government in interviewing the principal person in charge of Linfen Municipal Government. Liu Yuqiang said, Sincerely accept the interview, learn from the pain, deeply reflect on the lessons, vigorously carry out the rectification and improvement to ensure that the work of air pollution control is carried out in a real way, so as to achieve the real work results. No, trust in the people.

Liu Yuqiangs attention to the environment can be seen from his mobile phone. Last April, the media reported that the officials mobile phone was equipped with five environmental monitoring apps. The first thing he wakes up every morning is to touch his mobile phone and check the air quality in Linfen.

If pollution prevention and control are unsuccessful or unsuccessful, there will be no basis for transformation.

In this group deliberation, Liu Yuqiang said that three battles should be well fought for high-quality development. The first is to fight against pollution.

He said that we should optimize the industrial layout and optimize the existing industrial layout in Linfen through scientific methods. For a long time, 70% of Linfens population and industry have been concentrated in the region, and the total amount of sewage discharge is large. Some adjustments must be made to the industrial siege of Linfen.

Liu Yuqiang said that structural adjustment should be combined with industrial restructuring, energy restructuring, traffic restructuring and land use restructuring. The unreasonable structure of transportation and energy is the main cause of pollution.

In his view, it is organic unity to force transformation by environmental protection and promote environmental protection by transformation. For Linfen, if the work of pollution prevention and control is not well done, wont win, the transformation will have no basis.

The government knows that on March 4, Linfen City held a meeting on tackling the key problems of ecological environment governance in 2019. Yue Puyu, Secretary of the Linfen Municipal Party Committee, mentioned at the meeting that ecological environment is the lifeline of Linfens development. In recent years, the city has made continuous efforts to tackle the key problems and made some achievements, but there are still some problems, such as the concept of ecological civilization has not been fully established, and the responsibility of environmental protection has not yet been fully implemented. The supervision and law enforcement are not strict enough.

Focus on implementing the three-year plan of action for coking, iron and steel and coal transformation

For Linfen, the key point is to solve the relationship between industrial layout and structural adjustment. Liu Yuqiang said that in the planning of industrial layout, we should plan scientifically and change cages for birds.

He said that traditional industries should be allowed to grow and new industries should be promoted, focusing on the implementation of the three-year plan of action for coking, steel and coal transformation, and supporting and guiding the cultivation of a number of new leading industries. At present, traditional industries have been planned and put into action.

For example, Linfen now has more than a dozen steel plants, 18 blast furnaces and 16 short furnaces. The plan is to upgrade and restrain 6 to 7 blast furnaces. If the blast furnaces are built, the pollution will be reduced and the existing iron and steel production in Linfen will be guaranteed.

When referring to coal enterprises, Liu Yuqiang said that Linfens coal still has room for growth and expansion, mainly driven by new models of advanced technology.

In 169 cities, the bottom 20 have been withdrawn

Lei Jiankun, mayor of Yangquan City, also mentioned the transformation of resource-based areas.

As a representative from resource-based areas, she said, I have a strong sense of synergistic promotion of high-quality development and ecological protection.

At the beginning of the speech, she mentioned the geographical location of Yangquan City. We belong to the surrounding areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and are also the key areas for pollution prevention and control. Especially we are the east gate of Shanxi Province, 100 kilometers away from Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang. It is more arduous to do a good job of the political responsibility of the capitals green ecological barrier.

According to her introduction, at present, Yangquan City has withdrawn from the bottom 20 of 169 cities in the comprehensive air quality index.

Last year, Yangquan City made great achievements in pollution prevention and control. Last year, the comprehensive index of Yangquan City dropped by 9.6 percentage points. For the first time, the six major pollutants index decreased completely year-on-year, and the decline of PM2.5 also completed the task.

But prevention and control of air pollution is a tough battle, a protracted battle, and can not be relaxed for a moment, especially in Yangquan, a coal mining area with a long history, Lei said.

One fact is that the total coal consumption of Yangquan City last year was 8.9 million tons of standard coal. Seven power plants accounted for nearly 80% of the total energy consumption. Coal accounted for 86% of the total energy consumption. Generally speaking, the energy structure is partial to coal.

In addition, Yangquan Citys transportation structure is mainly highway, with fragile ecological environment and a lot of historical debts. To win the battle against the blue sky, we need stronger will, greater determination and more precise measures. She said.

Undertake a heart and nurture new momentum

In Lei Jian-kuns view, in the prevention and control of pollution, efforts should be made in three aspects. The first is to make long-term contributions to the transformation and development.

She said that Yangquan closed seven coal mines in total last year, eliminating 4.75 million tons of backward coal production capacity. Last year, the proportion of coal dropped by 2.9 percentage points. Yangquan is not only coal, but also extends the industrial chain of coal.

At the same time, we should cultivate new momentum and put forward four transformation directions: developing a new generation of information technology industry, new materials, modern logistics and cultural health. A series of supportive policies for the development of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence industries have been formulated and promulgated, and cooperation with various types of scientific research institutes has been strengthened.

She also mentioned that play Baidus leading role.

Because Baidu Inc President Robin Li is from Yangquan, Robin Li has been very supportive of Yangquan for so many years. Last year, we joined hands with Baidu Inc to build a model for AI small and medium-sized cities. At the same time, we hope to introduce Baidus driverless core technology to Yangquan. Last year, Baidu launched a high-speed road test in Yangquan, and worked together to build a vehicle road collaborative demonstration area.

Overall investment of 5 billion strong pollution control

Lei Jiankun also mentioned that long-term efforts should be made to prevent and control pollution.

She believed that pollution prevention and control in resource-based areas could not be accomplished in a single battle. We should adjust the structure and focus on prominent environmental problems at the first hand. Since last year, Yangquan has invested 5 billion yuan in pollution control and banned 482 scattered and dirty enterprises.

When the central environmental protection inspector first came to Shanxi, Yangquans letters and visits ranked second in the province. After vigorous rectification last year, when he looked back last year, Yangquans letters and visits ranked last in the province.

Lei Jiankun believes that the results are not stable, especially since January this year, some indicators have rebounded.

We rethink that there is still a big gap between the leading cadres and entrepreneurs at all levels in their concept of green development and their abilities, qualities and style of work. The next step is to change the cadresconservative and coal-dependent thinking and solve the cadres laid-back and lazy style. Really win the hard battle in the actual battle.