This happened after the suitcase smashed the uncles poor girls and collected more than 10,000 treatment fees.

 This happened after the suitcase smashed the uncles poor girls and collected more than 10,000 treatment fees.

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After the suitcase smashed my uncle and the impoverished girls put together more than ten thousand treatment fees, something amazing happened (Source:)

The luggage tumbled down and injured Uncle. The owner of the suitcase was a poor girl. After borrowing more than 10,000 yuan from the East and west to treat the uncles illness, something amazing happened.

On February 26, when Zhao Shan, a job-hunting girl, changed trains at Hefei South Railway Station, she accidentally rolled down the escalator with a large suitcase and injured an uncle below. Zhao Shan, who had worked hard and worked hard for four years, cried when he took the old man to the hospital and learned that he needed a high medical cost and backed up a student loan. According to local media reports, Zhao Shan has received many donations from well-meaning people. The injured old man Chen Buxuan never blamed Zhao Shan. He also proposed to refund the reimbursement fee to Zhao Shan, who refused to accept it. In an interview with Ziniu News, Zhao Shan entrusted reporters to convey their gratitude to all kind people, and asked everyone not to give her any more money, Everything is getting better slowly! Chen Buxuans son told Ziniu News that they could afford the follow-up expenses themselves.

This is a college girls unexpected encounter on the way to find a job. This accident let us know a sensible and responsible girl, and also let us know a kind and helpful grandfather and his family. The two families were connected by the accident, and we felt the truth, goodness and beauty of the common peoples feelings because of the accident.

In order to save money and bring two suitcases of luggage, the elderly were injured by sliding down the escalator.

Zhao Shan, a 22-year-old girl from Yuexi, an old revolutionary area in Dabie Mountain, Anhui Province, graduated from Bengbu Medical College last year. After failing the postgraduate entrance exam at Nanjing University, because of her poor family, on February 26, she and her classmate Lin Ruiqian agreed to gather in Hefei and go to a private dental clinic on Park Road in Changzhou City to apply for a job, intending to prepare for the exam while working. In order to save as much money as possible, she brought two 26-inch suitcases with bedsheets, bedding, clothes, toiletries, clothes hangers, postgraduate entrance exam books and so on. Starting from her hometown, she planned to live in Changzhou on the day of job hunting to reduce expenses.

At about 10:20 a.m., Zhao Shan arrived at Hefei South Railway Station by minibus with two suitcases of luggage. Since it was her first time to come, Zhao Shan did not find a direct ladder for her luggage, so she chose to take the escalator downstairs. I cant lift two boxes by myself, so I put one box on the elevator first. When I was ready to pick up the second box, the first box was taken away by the elevator and fell uncontrollably from the escalator. Zhao Shan told the Yangtze Evening News Ziniu that Chen Buxuan, an old man, fell behind the escalator because the box was big and heavy. When I saw the box hit someone, I rushed down the escalator with it to see how he was hurt.

At first she was worried about being blamed, but it was confirmed that she chose to take responsibility after the fracture.

Uncle Chen couldnt move at that time. He cried out for pain when he touched him. I was afraid of being blamed at first. But think again, anyway, because I was hit by someone, I would be responsible to others in the end. Zhao Shan said that when Chen Buxuan was hit by a box, he could not move because someone wanted to help him move near the escalator entrance. Because she was a medical student, she was afraid that the injured person was a fracture and that moving would cause him secondary injury, so she prevented others from doing so. She habitually helped Chen Buxuan to do some examinations. At that time, she judged that the old man was broken. When she saw the old man lying on the cold ground, she took the blanket out of the suitcase and prepared him to lie on the blanket.

Zhao Shan said that the injured old man did not blame her, lying down and always said that he was okay, let Zhao Shan not worry. Later, the medical staff of the station clinic came to see the situation of the elderly, and judged that it was a fracture, so they dialed 120. Shortly afterwards, 120 ambulances arrived, and Zhao Shan accompanied the old man and his relatives to the Third Hospital of Hefei. Through a series of examinations, the old man was diagnosed with multiple fractures of the left tibia and fibula.

My classmate was waiting for me when the accident happened. I called her and told her what happened to me. Zhao Shan said that because of the possibility of fracture, she decided to accompany the elderly to the hospital to confirm the injury before making plans. So she asked her classmate Lin Ruiqian to help her refund the train ticket. She asked her to go to Changzhou first, tell the job-hunting unit the situation, and postpone the interview. I went to Changzhou alone first. On that day, we came for a job interview. I told the interviewers about Zhao Shan. They also understood Zhao Shan very well and expressed their willingness to wait for Zhao Shan to come for an interview in a few days. That night I returned to Hefei and told Zhao Shan the news so that she would not worry about her work. Lin Ruiqian told the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu.

The old man saved her money by plaster.

The medical girl insisted on his operation.

Uncle Chen is a very kind person. When he was in the Third Hospital of Hefei, he told the doctor that as long as he did cheap examinations, expensive examinations would not be needed. Later, he was diagnosed and the doctor advised him to have an operation, but he said that only a plaster would do. Zhao Shan told the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu that Chen Buxuans kindness had already been felt when she went to the Third Hospital of Hefei in an ambulance. Along the way, she should have come to comfort the injured old man, but the old man had been comforting her. Chen Buxuan kept her from worrying too much. He repeatedly stressed to his family that he was okay. Even if its a fracture, a plaster will do. Later, when he arrived at the hospital, Chen Buxuan said and did the same. After diagnosing multiple fractures of the left tibia and fibula, Chen Buxuan insisted on plaster instead of surgery.

I am a medical student. I know how serious Uncle Chens injury is. The operation can make him recover as soon as possible. I cant delay his recovery because he wants to save me money. Zhao Shan said that she had asked the doctors of Hefei No. 3 Hospital at that time and knew that the operation cost was about 60,000 yuan, which was not a small amount for her. But she feels that we should have a conscience and not mislead others because others are kind and others dont understand. So Zhao Shan insisted on Chen Buxuans operation. Eventually, they were transferred to Anhui Provincial Hospital for surgery.

Zhao Shan, a girl, visits the injured elderly in the hospital

With a loan of 30,000 yuan,

She still refused to give Uncle Chen a refund.

When she arrived at Anhui Provincial Hospital, Zhao Shan began to make trouble for the high cost of surgery, often hiding and crying alone. Zhao Shan told Ziniu News of Yangtze Evening News that her family was a low-income household. Because of her long-term work, her father suffered from severe lung disease and lost the ability to work, and needed daily oxygen transfusion to maintain. Because of the inseparability of people, the mother, who was not very well, took care of him by her father. After five years of medical education, Zhao Shan finished her studies on student loans, grants and part-time work, hardly using her familys money. Now I still have a student loan of 30,000 yuan on my back.

Zhao Shan Interview with Ziniu Journalist

Zhao Shan has won 5,000 yuan of national motivation scholarship and 400 yuan of third-class scholarship. To supplement her living expenses, she spends almost all her spare time working part-time to earn money. I used to fly fliers on the street, wash dishes in restaurants, work as a waiter, and work in factories in Hangzhou during the winter and summer holidays. In order to earn tuition and living expenses. It has been several years since the Spring Festival.

After the accident, Zhao Shan accompanied Chen Buxuan, an old man. She dared not tell her parents about it, fearing that they were worried. So she first raised money for the operation from her cousin and friends. Through unremitting efforts, more than 13,000 yuan was raised. But its still a drop in the bucket for more than 60,000 yuan. Later, due to the attention of the local media in Anhui, many loving people in society extended their help to her. More than 48,000 yuan were raised in three days, which was used for the operation of the elderly. Zhao Shan keeps all the names of the good people who donated money to her in her notebook, hoping to have the opportunity to thank them personally in the future.

In order to meet the operating expenses, Chen Buxuan performed the operation on the old man. Zhao Shan did not say goodbye to Chen Buxuan until March 3. At that time, I felt overwhelmed and wanted to spend more days with Uncle Chen in the hospital. It was because of me that Uncle Chen suffered so much. Zhao Shan said that after the event, Chen Buxuan also told her that after medical expenses were reimbursed by medical insurance, they should be returned to Zhao Shan. Including the cost of follow-up treatment, their family came by themselves. At that time, I refused. Uncle Chen had to keep fit and need nutrition. I would not accept the money from him. Although Im financially difficult, Im confident that through my own efforts, I will get better and better.

Knowing that the girls family is poor, she decides not to bear the medical expenses any more.

So what is the current situation of Chen Buxuans elderly people? Purple Niu News reporter contacted his son, Mr. Chen, and he thanked you very much for your concern for his father. Father is getting better now. He has been discharged from hospital on March 6. Follow-up treatment also depends on the recovery of his body. At present, the hospitals medical expenses have been settled. At the beginning of the expenses, we advanced some, the little girl also gave some, later the little girl received a lot of good-hearted donations, she also made up the remaining expenses. The total cost in the hospital is about 50,000 yuan. We shoulder the cost of the latter treatment by ourselves, and no longer need the little girl to bear it. My father is now recuperating at home and in a good mood.

Purple Bull News reporter asked, you take the initiative to refund part of the girls medical expenses, and do not let her bear the follow-up costs, your father how to consider? Mr. Chen recalled the scene in the hospital when the high medical expenses frightened the 22-year-old girl into crying. When the local media interviewed the little girl, my father and I realized that her family conditions were very difficult. Her father suffered from severe lung disease and needed daily oxygen. Mothers are not in good health, and they have to take care of their fathers for a long time. Zhao Shan studied medicine for five years by herself. She finished her study on student loans and grants. She spends almost all her spare time working part-time to earn money. My father and I, after discussing Zhao Shans situation, decided not to let her bear the follow-up expenses and not to let this sensible girl bear too much pressure.

The injured old man and his son are veterans and are always ready to help others.

Purple Bull News reporter asked Mr. Chen, did his father make this decision through family discussion? Mr. Chen smiled and said, My father and I are both veterans. My father is very helpful and optimistic in his daily life. He also teaches our children by example. This accident is not the girls intention, so my father comforted the little girl many times in the ambulance or in the ward, so that she should not be afraid, nor worry about medical expenses, our family will share with her.

Despite requests from reporters, Mr. Chens father was reluctant to give interviews. Mr. Chen repeatedly apologized to reporters for saying that both he and his father thought it was a trivial matter. Nowadays there are many good people in the society. Everyone will do this when they encounter this kind of thing. His father felt that he had only done what he was supposed to do and that it was not worth the medias attention. Mr. Chen also hoped, If you can, you can care more about the little girl. Her family condition is not very good.

Source: Liable Editor of Yangtze Evening News: Li Wan_B11284