Head store theft branch sale of stolen goods! Men throw themselves into the net after stealing mobile phones

 Head store theft branch sale of stolen goods! Men throw themselves into the net after stealing mobile phones

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Head store theft branch sale of stolen goods! After stealing mobile phones, men throw themselves into the net: is it a shop? (Source: ~)

Some time ago, a mobile phone was stolen from a mobile phone store in the new town of Hancheng, and then it appeared in another branch of the store.

A few days ago, a man in Hancheng City stole his cell phone when he was watching it in a mobile phone shop while the clerk was not ready.

Cell phone shop assistant: At that time, he came in to look at his cell phone, and then I brought him one. He wanted to look at the high-end one. I gave him a cell phone, and then he said he wanted to see another one. When I went to get another one, he took his cell phone and went out. He ran away very quickly. When I went out, people had run very far.

The man then turned to sell his mobile phone to another mobile phone store. Unexpectedly, the two stores were the same owner. The clerk in the store had received a notice from the owner of the store. After confirming that the mobile phone the customer sold was the lost one, he immediately stabilized the man and alerted the police.

Feng Wei, deputy director of Qiaonan Police Station of Hancheng Public Security Bureau, said: Limou was eager to cash in after stealing mobile phones from a mobile phone store in New Town. He found a mobile phone store at random. We rushed to the scene as soon as we received the police and caught the suspect.

It is understood that the man had a previous record of theft, because money is urgently needed before he had the idea of stealing mobile phones to sell money, and the case is still under trial.

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