Its a good thing that Ning Zetaos honor is enough to reassure him to retire and say goodbye.

 Its a good thing that Ning Zetaos honor is enough to reassure him to retire and say goodbye.

Ning Zetaos gift for his 26th birthday was unexpectedly laid-off. Ning Zetaos announcement of retirement on his micro-blog resulted in the highest number of comments, which coincided with everyones mood.

From Asian champion to world champion, Ning Zetao only took 317 days. Although in 2013, Ning Zetao won the mens 100m freestyle final in the 12th National Games with 48.27 seconds, breaking Lu Zhiwus Asian record of 48.33 seconds.

The 2014 Incheon Asian Games is where Ning Zetaos dream really begins. In the mens 50m freestyle final pool in Incheon, Ning Zetao won the championship with 21.95 seconds against Japanese famous swimmer Yanpu Shenli. Later, Ning Zetao cooperated with his teammates and won the gold medal of 4 x 100 relay.

Ning Zetao won the 100-meter freestyle with 47.70 seconds, breaking his Asian record of 48.27 seconds and becoming the first yellow man ever to break the 48-second mark.

In October 2014, Ning Zetao won the 100m freestyle championship in 47.65 seconds, breaking his Asian record again.

The excellent performance in the competition, coupled with handsome appearance, has made Ning Zetao an idol in the hearts of many girls. Fans have praised Ning Zetao for being thin in clothes and having meat in strips. With his achievements and fansenthusiasm, Ning Zetao has become the darling of the fashion world.

And 2015 is the peak of Ningze Tao! In an interview with Netease, Ning Zetao once concluded with a smile: This year is like a dream. At that time, he returned from Kazan with high reputation and high spirits.

In the Kazan World Swimming Championship in 2015, Ning Zetao won the 100m freestyle championship by beating top swimmers in the world, such as McVoy Adrian, to create the history of Chinese swimming and even Asian swimming.

Never before had a Chinese or even Asian male player entered the final of the World Championship, and Ning Zetao won the championship in a flash. The significance of his breakthrough was comparable to that of Liu Xiang at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Ning Zetao lamented the experience of this World Championship: This World Championship is a valuable experience, like a dream, I am a Chinese, I want to prove to the world that China has a place in the short distance at last.

Ning Zetao became the idol of the whole nation and promoted the male god in the hearts of young girls from fresh meat. In the sports circle and even in the fashion circle, Ningzetao has set off a craze, frequently appearing on the covers of major fashion magazines and being pursued by fans.

A variety of endorsement contracts have also come in succession. For a time, we can see the first generation swimming stars handsome face on the Internet, TV, newspapers and magazines, even in the streets and lanes. Whats more, Ning Zetao has always maintained a modest and low-key way of doing things.

As a result, he became a good representative and was predicted by experts to have a commercial value of more than 1 billion yuan. People are surprised to find that after Yao Ming, Liu Xiang and Li Na, China may finally usher in another sports superstar.

By April 2016, the National Foshan Championship, just returned from Australian training, Ning Zetao was confident and became the biggest attraction of the tournament. Many fans came from all over the country to see his style. As expected, Ning Zetao won the 100 freestyle semi-finals with 47.96, which was the second best result in the world at that time.

While the audience was full of expectations for the final, there was news that Ning Zetao had retired because of illness. He revealed at the time that he suffered from irritable bowel syndrome after the World Championship, resulting in fever and vomiting, and had to withdraw from the final.

Although he retired from the competition, in order not to disappoint the enthusiastic fans, Ning Zetao came to the arena to thank them for their support when he was slightly better. At the same time, he told Netease Sports that he did not do his best in the second half of the semi-final. This means that his achievements at that time were not his absolute strength.

At that time, no one doubted his strength. If the state of the championship could last forever, maybe Ning Zetao could create the short history of Chinese swimming again in the Olympic Games, but everything was just possible.

The storm began at 8:54 a.m. on June 30. An explosive message was sent out by a microblog account Eagle of Cappadocia, which had just registered a day ago: Tanning Zetao is afraid of being disqualified for the Olympics because of private advertisements against leaders.

For a while, opinions were divergent. Many media manuscripts placed some unwarranted charges on the athlete who was going to travel for his country. Ning Zetao, who is in the center of the whirlpool, chose to train in the swimming pool in the hope of not being disturbed by the outside world.

On July 2nd, Ning Zetao, who could not be disturbed, published a long micro-blog, Steamed buns have words to say, saying that people who have always believed in the Qing Dynasty are self-cleaning, and rumors will end in the wise. But not responding does not mean that a lie can take the place of the truth. It will be punctured one day.

Later, the Chinese sports delegation was established, and Ning Zetao was among them. In an interview, he said that it was an honor to be able to participate in the Olympic Games. But careful people will find that Ning Zetao has lost a lot of weight and his cheeks are deep. This should not be the way to prepare for the Olympic Games.

Nevertheless, before the Olympic Games, Ning Zetao was still a highly regarded Chinese athlete. In the eyes of foreigners, he represented the healthy image of Chinese athletes. Many foreigners said that he was the most anticipated athlete and believed that he could win the gold medal in the Olympic Games.

In August, Ning Zetao stood in Rio as expected. Unexpectedly, he did not win a medal in four events: the 50-meter freestyle, the 100-meter freestyle, the 4*100-meter freestyle relay and the 4*100 Medley relay.

In an interview with CCTV after the match, Ning Zetao smiled and said, I am in this competitive state, that is the level. He said that he was very happy, proud and honored to participate in the Rio Olympic Games.

Seeing such achievements and responses caused a great disturbance in China, some people said that Ning Zetao delayed training because of too many business activities, others said that he did not want to be enterprising, as a high-level athlete, did not have the spirit of winning.

No excuse, no abandonment, he silently completed his last project, spelled cyanosis due to lack of oxygen, and collapsed in the pool after spelling to the shore. Only with the help of his teammates can he stand up.

In November, a Late documentary Ningzetao Turning Point - Ningzetao met the audience on CCTV 5, telling the story behind Ningzetaos Olympic Games: Do not let the head coach appear in the training hall, ordered to move out of the athletesapartment within three days, demagnetize their meal card... Ningzetao lost eight kilograms of muscle in the most critical stage of preparation for the battle, which is a few for the short-distance freestyle swimmers. Its deadly.

From the peak to the bottom of the valley, to todays calm and tranquil, Ningzetao has experienced all kinds of life and the cold world, as if he grew up a lot overnight. Experienced a lot of sophistication, see the ugliness of human nature. Ning Zetao said.

Ning Zetao then chose to stay out of the publics sight. From the time after the Rio Olympics to May 2017, he did not even receive systematic training. But Ning Zetao still wants to prove himself by his achievements. In preparation for the 2017 National Games, he traveled to Australia at his own expense for hard training alone.

It was winter in Brisbane and Ning Zetao had to start training at 5 oclock, which meant he had to climb out of his warm bed at 4 oclock every day and drive to the training hall 20 kilometers away.

Brown, a foreign teacher, stood by the pool and told Ning Zetao what he was training for that day. Then Ning Zetao took off his bathrobe and jumped into the pool with his shoulders to begin the days training.

Sometimes in addition to water training, Ning Zetao also has land training, mainly to exercise his core strength and so on. The training was very painful. Although Ning Zetao had a waist injury, he kept grinding his teeth.

In his spare time, he would go out with the new friends he made here, play basketball, fishing, relax, go to the nearby islands, and play on the swings regardless of image. I believe Ning Zetao is happy at this time.

Only three months after resuming training, Ning Zetao returned to China and set foot in the Tianjin National Games. In order to cheer Ning Zetao, fans came from all over the country, bought tickets at high prices, and also made AIDS related to him.

Ning Zetao, who played in the seventh track of the mens 100-year preliminary tournament, advanced in 49.44 seconds. A few hours later, he raised his score to 48.11 seconds in the mens 100 semi-finals and 47.92 seconds in the final.

Ning Zetao only took three months to prove that he is still the king of Chinas short-distance freestyle! He returned the Chinese mens 100m freestyle to the world level again, ranking sixth in the world, and fourth in the Budapest World Championships, where they could not participate.

In the 50m freestyle race, Ning Zetao had a high fever, but insisted on standing on the field. Afraid of coughing and choking water, he held his breath, swam to the end, won the double crown in 22.04 seconds, and drew a successful conclusion to this National Games.

Because it was not easy, Browns eyes became red after the game. Team doctor Li Hang left tears in the warm-up pool. They used a word to evaluate Ning Zetaos performance: tough man.

Ning Zetao lost the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018, and then retired from the national championship because of finger injuries. Only the news that he has won a series of Championships in Australia proves that the once king of speed still struggles in the swimming pool.

Ning Zetao, who was supposed to compete in the National Swimming Championship and World Championship in March 2019, suddenly announced his retirement. We dont know why Ning Zetao chose to give up, but it must be a very painful reason and a very painful decision.

This young idol, who should have won medals for the country in the world championships and Olympic competitions, was unable to create a new history of Chinese swimming events. This result makes people regret not only for Ning Zetao, but also for Chinese swimming.