Yang Liwei talks about slandering and smearing soldiers: First of all, we must maintain our own image.

 Yang Liwei talks about slandering and smearing soldiers: First of all, we must maintain our own image.

China Military Network reporter interviewed Yang Liwei.

I remember when I was a child, everyone thought it was a very glorious thing to be a soldier. After I left home as a soldier, every New Years Day, the streets would beat gongs and drums to my home, hang the new Glorious Military on the wall, and then paste a couplet. Speaking of the past military professional respect, Yang Liwei, a member of the CPPCC and former director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, said that when he was a soldier, he did not have the present military officers certificate and sergeants certificate. When he visited relatives on vacation, the army would open an introductory letter. At that time, the tickets were also very tense, but as long as the letter of introduction was taken out, the staff would take the initiative to buy tickets for you.

Its not that because of their special status, soldiers must be superior to others in everything. The peoples spontaneous respect for soldiers is really warm.

Member Yang Liwei spoke at the panel meeting.

How to further improve the professional respect of soldiers? Yang Liwei said that this is actually a two-dimensional problem.u2014u2014

First of all, according to the standard of a soldier, we should strictly demand ourselves and maintain our image. Only by self-respect can others recognize you.

Secondly, it is the societys recognition of the military profession. Soldiers, which means dedication and sacrifice, serve the society and the nation. This kind of cognition should be passed on to the whole society, especially the younger generation. Of course, the relevant departments should adopt different forms and methods, such as further promulgating relevant normative policies, giving soldiers a sense of honor, in order to improve their social status and social respect.

Yang Liwei also said that we should have a correct and calm understanding of the phenomenon of slandering and smearing soldiers. In addition, we should further improve relevant laws and regulations and strengthen disciplinary measures.