Nan Cunhui: Encourage more SMEs to cooperate with state-owned enterprises

 Nan Cunhui: Encourage more SMEs to cooperate with state-owned enterprises

At 15:00 on March 6, the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee held a second press conference, inviting CPPCC members to discuss how to optimize business environment and promote high-quality development of private economy.

Speaking of the reform of mixed ownership, Nan Cunhui, the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, the Vice-Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Chairman of Zhengtai Group, said that the state-owned assets and enterprises of the country played a ballast stone role in the whole national economy, and that the state-owned enterprises played a huge role in national strategic projects and long-term investment. For example, high-speed rail projects, at the beginning, private enterprises can not afford to invest, nor dare to invest, it will take thirty or forty years to get a return. But now in the Yangtze River Delta, there are two high-speed rail is to use the PPP model to do, the central enterprises to give up control, private enterprises are participating.

The number of private enterprises is huge, but small. The advantage is that the mechanism is flexible, especially in the field of fierce competition, private enterprise holding is also beneficial. How to protect the interests of small enterprises and stocks, small size, how to voice? The most important thing is to give private enterprises modern enterprise system, scientific management, the establishment of the board of directors decision-making, the general manager responsibility system, supervisory board supervision system, etc., each to perform its duties, govern enterprises according to law, all in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Of course, in some large areas, private enterprises can be brought in and cooperated with state-owned enterprises and central enterprises to play a better role. We should promote the reform of mixed ownership and call on the government to consider this matter more seriously.