Representatives Talking about Kunshan Anti-Killing Case: Major Sensitive Cases Should Clarify the Harm

 Representatives Talking about Kunshan Anti-Killing Case: Major Sensitive Cases Should Clarify the Harm

Jiangsu has a developed economy and a stable social security situation, but it is not a paradise. On March 6, Liu Hua, deputy of the National Peoples Congress and chief procurator of the Jiangsu Peoples Procuratorate, said that in 2018, 865 cases of fund-raising fraud and illegal absorption of public deposits were handled by the procuratorial organs of Jiangsu Province, up 34.3% from the same period last year, and a number of major cases of illegal fund-raising were handled safely according to law.

Last year, the Kunshan anti-murder case also attracted attention from the outside world. Liu Hua said that major sensitive cases should be interpreted and reasoned to the general public, the facts, laws and problems should be put forward, and the risks, effects and hazards that may arise from the case should be clarified. Consensus and support will naturally be obtained.

Never let go of one, never make up one.

Liu Hua mentioned that crimes committed by evil forces in Jiangsu mainly focus on illegal usury, manipulation of pornography, meddling in economic disputes, bullying and dominating the city and other fields, showing the characteristics of concealment of criminal means.

In addition to the crime of beating, killing and killing, which is easy to understand, there are also crimes ofsoft violencetype, such as harassment, entanglement of victims, verbal threats, and usingroutine loansto trap victims. In these cases, we not only insist on punching hard, but also deal with them strictly in accordance with the law.

She said that 100% of the cases involving criminal activities should be intervened in advance, and the cases involving criminal activities should be intervened in a key way. The work of investigation guidance and evidence review should be done well, and the problem of missing arrests and missed prosecutions should be monitored and corrected in time.

In 2018, the procuratorial organs of Jiangsu Province intervened in 334 cases involving criminal activities in advance, guided the investigative organs to collect evidence comprehensively and effectively, and authorized the arrest of 2507 criminal suspects of criminal activities of criminal activities of criminal forces according to law; 2 549 people were prosecuted; 71 of them were supervised and placed on file, 106 were arrested and 37 were prosecuted.

She mentioned that 735 cases were not recognized according to law for those who did not meet the criteria of arrest and prosecution in black and evil cases, and that efforts should be made to neither let go nor count one.

She also mentioned that we should dig deep and severely punish the criminal umbrella of the evil forces.

Liu Hua said that sweeping the black and breaking umbrellas should be carried out simultaneously, and relevant clue investigation, discovery, screening and transfer mechanisms should be established. 31 clues of umbrella should be transferred to the supervisory committee and public security organs, and 18 cases of umbrella protection by black and evil forces should be investigated and handled by 24 people. For example, when examining Meng Qingdi and otherscases of illegal mining and obstruction of official duties, the Xuzhou Procuratorate examined 19 related cases in tandem according to law, and excavated eight law enforcement judicial personnel who had served as umbrellas for a long time.

Go out and take the initiative to inspect

Liu Hua said, Its often difficult to update ideas.

Once a persons thinking pattern is formed and changed, it is not so simple. When I go on researching, researching with departments and listening to case reports, I often hear such answers as: in the past, we have been doing this for a certain job and similar cases. Some of our cases have deviated and produced bad results, many of which are also due to the influence of traditional ideas and habitual thinking.

She said that in the work of public interest litigation, we have made great efforts to change the original thinking of civil administrative procuratorial work waiting for cases to come to our doors and sitting in the courtyard to handle cases, guide courtyards at all levels to set up active working thinking, going out and take the initiative to inspect, and strive to be aware of the situation of mountains, rivers and lakes, how many polluting enterprises and potential pollution hazards in the jurisdiction.

One of the typical cases of private enterprises in service guarantee issued by the end of 2018 seems to be a major case of illegal sale of drug-making substances. However, after thorough examination by the procuratorial organs, it was found that the acetone involved was indeed used by enterprises for production needs, not for drug-making profits. Finally, the case was not prosecuted and handled, and was transferred to the relevant departments for administrative punishment. This case not only accurately grasps the boundaries between crime and non-crime, but also urges the enterprises involved to abide by the law and achieve good results.

Major sensitive cases are easy to focus, magnify and touch peoples hearts

In 2018, the procuratorial organs of Jiangsu handled a number of important and influential cases, such as the heroic reputation protection public interest litigation case and Kunshan anti-murder case.

In todays highly developed information dissemination, major sensitive cases are easy to focus on, magnify and touch peoples hearts. To some extent, the common peoples perception and acquisition of fairness and justice, and then the impression and trust of the judiciary, are often obtained from a series of important sensitive and widely concerned cases handled by the judiciary.

Liu Hua said that the bigger the case, the more difficult it is, the more it tests the wisdom and professional competence of judicial organs. If there are errors and deviations in handling these cases, the negative impact will be enormous, even enough to offset the good image we have accumulated in handling hundreds of other cases.

Liu Hua said that major sensitive cases involve all aspects of the impact. In handling Kunshan cases, under the guidance and support of the Supreme Procuratorate and the Political and Legal Committee of the Local Party Committee, we work with the public security organs to study the qualitative nature of cases, put forward suggestions for handling cases according to law, and timely voice support the public security organs to make decision to withdraw cases.

She mentioned that Jiangsu Provincial Procuratorate timely issued four analysis opinions, precisely explained the evidence, legal basis and value considerations of justifying the case, and carried out interpretation theory and law popularization to the public, which eventually won wide acceptance from all walks of life, and realized the benign interaction between justice and public opinion and the organic unity of the three effects of handling cases.