Womens abortion surgery was asked to increase the price of 10,000 yuan hospital: regular fees

 Womens abortion surgery was asked to increase the price of 10,000 yuan hospital: regular fees

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Female college students were asked to increase the price of 10,000 yuan in private hospitals during abortion surgery: regular fees (source:)

Netizens revealed that on February 24, a newly graduated female college student in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, accidentally became pregnant, listened to the recommendation of the Internet search, went to a hospital in Nanchang to perform abortion surgery (private hospital). The surgeon asked for 9790 yuan for treatment on the grounds of suffering from cervical erosion. The whole operation cost 14512 yuan. March 6, the hospital responded to reporters that the hospital charges regular fees, surgeons ask for more money is naturally new diseases need treatment. The Health and Health Commission of Xihu District, Nanchang City, said it had intervened in the investigation.

NetizensExposure: It cost 14512 yuan to ask for more money to make personal flow on the operating table.

On the evening of March 5, a netizen wrote that on February 24, Xiao Liu, a newly graduated female college student, was accidentally pregnant in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. Xiao Lius boyfriend chose to search online because he didnt know which hospital had good abortion operation. The search results show that the first hospital in Nanchang is the best abortion hospital in Nanchang, with a very high professional level and the most preferential enjoyment, Xiao Liu and his boyfriend went safely.

When they arrived at the hospital, Xiao Liu and her boyfriend spent 293 yuan on the examination. The results showed that they were pregnant. They asked the doctor what kind of operation they should do and what grade they had. After hearing the doctors recommendation, Xiao Lius boyfriend chose the abortion operation with high grade, good effect and price of 3749 yuan.

However, when Xiao Liu took off her trousers and lay on the operating table, after the doctor sprayed medicine on her lower body, she suddenly told Xiao Liu that she suffered from second-degree cervical erosion, which was very serious and must be operated on immediately. But Xiao Liu was not moved and insisted on making only abortions.

Seeing Xiao Liu, the doctor called her boyfriend in and told him that the situation was urgent and that there would be serious consequences if he did not collect taxes immediately. Xiao Lius boyfriend couldnt bear Xiao Liu to lie on the operating table and suffer, so he agreed and paid 9790 yuan for treatment according to the hospitals request. Later, in Xiaolius anesthesia, the hospital charged an additional 680 yuan.

Xiao Liu, who spent 14,512 yuan on abortion, was even more surprised that on the third day after the operation, when she went to the toilet, she found her lower body bleeding, and her back ached and she felt uncomfortable.

For the above description, there are bills issued by hospitals as evidence, but no medical records. In response, Xiao Lius boyfriend said in the online article that they were in a panic when they first met with an unexpected pregnancy. They did not find the specific information of the hospital on the Internet. They did not know that it was a private hospital. When they met the doctors request for an additional item, they only thought, You cant let your girlfriend lie on the operating table because of money, but they did not give it to the other side who asked for the medical record after discharge from the hospital.

Responses: The hospital said that the fee-paying Health Care Commission had intervened in the investigation.

For this hospital, Beijing Time reporter searched and found that it was registered as a private non-enterprise unit in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Xihu District of Nanchang City, with a registered capital of only 30,000 yuan. It was not the first time that the patient was forced to pay more money during the operation. For this reason, it was also ordered to close down for one month.

On the morning of March 6, the reporter called the hospital on this matter. A female staff member of the hospital responded that the fees for abortion surgery in the hospital were divided into three categories: 680 yuan, 980 yuan and 1280 yuan, and now the reservations can be reduced by 300 yuan. As for the forced increase of money in Xiao Lius operation, his response was that it was due to the new discovery of other diseases requiring treatment. It was a regular fee, and it was a legitimate fee under the supervision of the Health Bureau. If Xiao Liu had objections, he suggested that he should add the doctor involved to Weixin for consultation.

Subsequently, the reporter called the Medical Affairs Section of the Xihu District Health and Health Commission of Nanchang City. When it was clear that it reflected the situation of the construction of the hospital, the staff of the Section immediately responded that the two sides had negotiated a solution, and asked whether the journalists client was surnamed Chen. When the journalist said that his surname was Liu, he said that he would investigate and understand it, and then make a reply after checking it out.

Source: Beijing Time Responsibility Editor: Li Wan_B11284