Dangerous! My father just pulled my daughter out of the car and a truck rushed over and knocked it flat.

 Dangerous! My father just pulled my daughter out of the car and a truck rushed over and knocked it flat.

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The moment of life and death! The father just pulled his daughter out of the car and a truck rushed over on the highway. (Source: ~)

At about 13:15 p.m. on March 4, Hu Mou drove his car to Hangzhou S31 Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway, 14 kilometers in the direction of Hangzhou, where a tire burst occurred. He moved the car to the hard shoulder and dialed the alarm phone.

After receiving the police from the command center of the five teams of Hangzhou Branch of the high-speed traffic police, when they learned that Hus daughter and his wife were still sitting in the car, the police of the command center immediately instructed Hu to quickly transfer the personnel on the car outside the right guardrail. Hu Mou dared not neglect, but woke up his sick daughter, pulled her wife and daughter out of the car, and evacuated to the right side of the guardrail.

Unexpectedly, just two minutes later, a heavy van hit Hus car on the bend due to driver Li Mous inattention. It hit Hus car more than 20 meters away. Hus daughter outside the guardrail rolled to one side of the drainage ditch because of the huge impact and broken ground. Fortunately, she was not injured.

I was frightened to death, half my life was frightened. I went back to think that I couldnt sleep for two nights. Fortunately, everyone came out and stood outside. Otherwise, Ill explain it here today. Hu Mou, the driver, was also excited when he saw the police coming to the scene of the accident. He was still in a state of panic and said, Its really a mistake. At that time, his daughter refused to come out. If I didnt insist on it, it would be over!

Highway Traffic Police Reminds: After a traffic accident occurs on the highway, please remember the nine-character epigram: car side, evacuation, that is, the alarm. Car side, that is, once an accident occurs, people should remember not to stay on the highway. If the vehicle can move, it should be moved quickly to the right hard shoulder or drive away near the exit. Personnel evacuation means that no matter whether the vehicle can move or not, the personal safety of the passengers is the most important. After an accident, they should be quickly transferred to the right side of the guardrail. That is to say, after the evacuation, call the 12122 highway alarm phone.

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