Indian Airlinesrequest for broadcasting after the Indian-Pakistani conflict ends with Long Live India

 Indian Airlinesrequest for broadcasting after the Indian-Pakistani conflict ends with Long Live India

Harsh Goenka, president of Indian RPG Group, recently sunk a notice on Twitter issued by Amitabh Singh, executive director of Air India, requiring all crew members of the company to make a Jai Hind voice passionately after each brief pause in air broadcasting.

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Jai Hind is a patriotic slogan widely used in India. Picture from Visual China

According to the announcement, the new regulation is due to the impact of recent events, probably referring to a series of military conflicts between India and Pakistan in recent days.

Relations between India and Pakistan have deteriorated sharply since the suicide attacks in Indian-controlled Kashmir on February 14. The diplomatic conflict between the two sides turned into a military conflict at the end of February, when India attacked Pakistan-controlled Kashmir by air. Pakistan then shot down at least one Indian Air Force fighter and captured a pilot.

Pakistan released the captured Indian pilot a few days later, and the pilot was treated as a hero by the Nationalist Indians, and even his beard became a target for Indians to emulate.

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The announcement, which was announced on social media, caused India netizens to tuck up. The implementation of such regulations would lead to many strange situations.

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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on Air Indias announcement on March 5, but the BBC also questioned how much the patriotic marketing of Air India could alleviate its plight.

Air India is Indias national airline, and is currently Indias largest international and third largest domestic aviation operator.

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But according to the BBC, the airline has suffered financial distress in recent years and has not made any profits since 2007. The Indian governments attempt to sell its controlling stake in Air India last March was also frozen by the market.

News from the BBC when the Indian government decided to sell its controlling stake in Air India

In addition, the Indian Airlines often have a variety of fantastic accidents. According to observer. com, in July 2017, an Air India A320 passenger plane forgot to reclaim the landing gear after takeoff, resulting in fuel depletion and forced landing.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331