Red Milu Luweibing is a new product of angry Meizu: Your price

 Red Milu Luweibing is a new product of angry Meizu: Your price

Meizu released its first new product this afternoon: Note9. Location is for young people to provide large screen batteries 1000 yuan machine, the price from 1398 yuan. Li Nan said that although it is a 1000 yuan machine, it is not a public model, but has made a lot of customizations: for example, it spent 8 million yuan to customize the water drop screen; 3 million yuan and Samsung have customized the black-and-white side-photos in depth; first introduced the male beauty; Samsungs 48 megapixel camera is also an enhanced version, and so on.

Shortly after the conference, Lu Weibing, head of Red Rice, microblogged: Your price is high! My colleague told me about a new product of a friend merchant. To sum up, there are Sony IMX586, double-sided GG5 glass, 6 + 128 wood, really super-long quality guarantee, and extremely cost-effective wood. Regret continues... Little King Kong Pro, regret terminator, see you on March 18!

The content is suspected to be straight-throated. Previously, after the release of millet 9, Huang Zhangzeng, the head of the Meizu people, commented sharply: Want to attack the high-end, but have a low hand, low accustomed to high, low self and low industry.

Lei Jun forwarded and commented on Lu Weibings Weibo: Friends and businessmen are very vigorous. (quiet)