Fate! Wutong Mei reveals Jia Jingwens ex-husband and Xiu Jiekais birthday on the same day

 Fate! Wutong Mei reveals Jia Jingwens ex-husband and Xiu Jiekais birthday on the same day

Netease Entertainment reported on March 6 that 13-year-old Angel was Jia Jingwens eldest daughter. With the birth of Siu and Bo Niu, she occasionally shared family photos on her personal social platform. On the 6th, she gave a birthday message on her personal social platform. She took pictures with Xiujie Kai and Jia Jingwen. She told Xiujie Kai emotionally: I love you very much! I also thank Xiu Jiekai for taking care of Jia Jingwen. There is a lot of thanks to Xiu Jiekai in her speech. The other one is to celebrate Sun Zhihaos birthday for her father. It was an accident for netizens to discover that her two fathers were coincidences on the same birthday.

Wutong sister sent a letter to celebrate Xiujie Kais birthday on June 6. At the beginning, she joked about losing Jia Jingwens bad temper. Thank you really for taking care of my mother, and thank you for taking care of me. I know my temper is not very good, so thank you for your tolerance. Not only praised Xiujie Kai as a great person, but also said Xiujie Kais position in his heart, and was an important family that could talk about things and play together.

Then, Wutong Mei took a photo with her father Sun Zhihao and congratulated him on his birthday in English. At the beginning, she thanked him for taking care of her for two years. She showed that she really loved her father, far more than words could express. She also enjoyed living with Lin Ruoya. She nicknamed each other Aunt, and she could see that they were close to each other.

Also because of Wutong sisters article, let netizens unexpectedly know that Xiu Jiekais birthday and Sun Zhihaos birthday are the same day, causing a lot of discussion, This probability is too low, two husbands born on the same day of the same month, the original uncle Xiu and Sun Daddys birthday is the same day, it is really very coincidental, I am very touched by it! So many loved family members and intimate sisters, Xiu Jiekai also left a message under them: I love you too, our big baby. I can see that I love Wutong very much.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655