The most embarrassing shuffle joke in history! Ramos is still making documentaries

 The most embarrassing shuffle joke in history! Ramos is still making documentaries

BR taunts Ramos

Ramos shuffled the cards in the first round, which was incomprehensible. Despite Real Madrids 2-1 win, it was a tough game. In terms of possession, the two sides are exactly fifty-five. Real Madrid also trailed Ajax 13-19 in the number of shots. After Arsenio scored the winning goal, Ramos immediately fouled and shuffled the cards, apparently believing that Real Madrids promotion at the Bernabeu was not suspected. Ramos lacks the minimum respect for Ajax.

Before going to Bernau, De Jong spoke on behalf of Ajax: We want Ramos to regret it! As an underrated and contemptuous person, Ajax hopes to face Ramos with victory and promotion. In fact, Ajax did. In the absence of Ramos, Real Madrids central defence was in a mess. Ajaxs first three goals were all in the centre of the Real Madrid penalty area.

At the post-match press conference, Solari admitted frankly that we miss the captain. Miss Ramos? So why agreed to Ramoss shuffle request in the first round? Both Ramos and Solari apparently did not use Ajax as a dish, and they were punished most severely.

Ramos filming a documentary from the Bernabeu stand

Real Madrid were beaten up by Ajax at the Bernabeu. What was Ramos doing at the moment? Ramos was filming a documentary in the SR4 box in the stands! Amazon recently filmed a personal documentary for Ramos. Camera cameras have been chasing Ramosevery move in the box tonight.

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