What is the situation? In the middle of the night, the man lifted the electric car and threw it down the river. He threw five cars in a row.

 What is the situation? In the middle of the night, the man lifted the electric car and threw it down the river. He threw five cars in a row.

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In the middle of the night, the man took up the electric car and threw it down the river. He threw five cars in a row. Whats the situation? (Source:)

Recently, a person in charge of a shared battery car came to Wenhui police station of Hangzhou Xiacheng Public Security Bureau to give an alarm. Fang said that five battery cars parked at the entrance of a residential area were stolen successively, with a loss value of RMB 12,000.

After receiving the report, Wenhui police station immediately launched the investigation work. Through the surveillance of the surroundings of the stolen battery car, the police soon found a man on the side of Wenhui Bridge, carrying a battery car and throwing it directly into the Shangtang River. There were still five cars in a row. The police judged that the man was very suspected of committing a crime.

The policeman who handled the case went to the suspects place for many times to squat and wait. A few days later, the suspect Yao Mou was captured by the police. After investigation, the suspect Yao confessed to the fact of stealing battery cars. According to the suspect Yao Mou, he is a delivery agent. After work, he planned to steal a few batteries and assemble a battery car to drive by himself for delivery.

On the same day, the suspect Yao Mou rode a shared battery car to a community. While nobody was there, he used a screwdriver to force the battery out. After pulling it out, the battery was hidden in the green belt beside it, and then the car was thrown into the Shangtang River from the Wenhui Bridge. In this way, the suspect Yao Mou stole five batteries in a row and threw all five cars into the Shangtang River. Subsequently, the suspect Yao Mou packed the stolen batteries and left the scene of the crime by taxi.

At present, the suspect Yao Mou has been detained by the downtown police according to law.

Source: Liable Editor of CNN: Li Wan_B11284