American Grandma took pictures of the Queens Dream on a large ice cube and drifted away.

 American Grandma took pictures of the Queens Dream on a large ice cube and drifted away.

Speaking of traveling, in order to take a beautiful picture, what strange and dangerous actions have everyone done?

Recently, an American grandmother caught fire on Twitter. When she was playing in Iceland, she climbed a large moving ice cube.

Then she drifted away... Gone... ...

Things have to start from scratch. According to USA Today on March 5, American girl Catherine Streng took her father and grandmother to Iceland to experience the Nordic style on February 25, local time.

Katherine and Dad Rod. All the pictures in this article are from Twitter.

At first, everything went smoothly until they arrived at the diamond beach on J. kulsrln, Icelands largest glacial lake. Judith Streng, a 77-year-old grandmother, walks around, sees a huge piece of ice shaped like a throne, and offers to sit up and take a picture.

Rod Streng, his father, readily agreed to take this peaceful scene:

At this moment, something terrible happened suddenly. A big wave came and washed the ice directly into the sea.

But the Queens Grandma hasnt come back yet...

When Dad pressed the shutter again, Grandma was eight feet away from him.

After a while, sixteen Zhangs:

Leave Catherine and Dad at a loss...

Fortunately, this scene was seen by Randy Lacount, a captain from Florida. He rushed to rescue her and brought her back to the shore unharmed.

After a breathtaking day, Catherine sent three precious photos of her father to Twitter. So far, the Twitter has received more than 72,000 forwards and nearly 180,000 comments.

The netizens were so happy that Grandma Judith became a real Queen.

Some sharp-eyed netizens pointed out that Grandma seemed calm in the process of drifting and was still trying to maintain a balance.

Calm Grandma Zhu

Still have rigorous netizens to ask, this father in the end called for help or not, why is still taking photos...

On March 1, local time, Grandma safely returned to the United States to take care of herself and was interviewed by ABC. According to her recollection, as early as she had just sat up, the throne had shaken a little, but she still thought it was safe there. I saw a girl go up first, and two girls go up at the same time, they are all right, Grandma tried to explain the phenomenon, but I am not very heavy, I guess this is why I drifted away easily.

Talking about why she had to sit up and take pictures, Grandma smiled and answered that she always had a Queens Dream in her heart, I think it would be fun... Come on, thats my chance. ABC finally remembered that Grandma showed no concern during the whole journey and seemed to still enjoy the adventure at sea.

Happy Grandma Zhu

On the other hand, some netizens claiming to be from Iceland warned that there were such warning signs all over the lake.

Perhaps the real value of this drifting event lies in this:

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284