Big S is exposed to marriage and small S is warm and hearty: I hope her happy heart will not change.

 Big S is exposed to marriage and small S is warm and hearty: I hope her happy heart will not change.

Big S got caught up in marriage rumors.

Netease Entertainment reported on March 6 that according to Taiwanese media reports, Big S (Xu Xiyuan) and Wang Xiaofei had a fierce private quarrel over money, and a marriage crisis broke out. Big S and Little S sisters were deeply in love. Little S said to Taiwan through his broker, No matter how speculated by the outside world, I love my sisters heart and hope her happiness will never change.

Da S and Wang Xiaofei were married for 8 years, and two children were born, forming a good character. Recently, they joined in a variety show to show their private life. At that time, she had just lost her third child. Her mood was ups and downs. Many netizens criticized her. Wang Xiaofei also went to the front line and took care of his wife on micro-blog: This program let us quickly get out of our sorrow and cherish each others independence alone. Time. Its not easy to be a woman, but its harder to be a mother. Its harder to be a straight Beijing mans wife.

Husband and wife went through difficulties together, but according to media reports, friends around them revealed that they had many disputes over money issues. Big S even moved the idea of divorce. S mother also hoped that her daughter and Wang Xiaofei would be financially independent. As soon as the news came out, Big S clarified and responded to the media: Our marriage is stable and there is no crisis. I will not quarrel with anyone for money. If there is anger, its Xiao Fei who talks loudly at home. Im afraid he will wake up the children.

Big S and little S sisters are deeply in love. Many times before, Big S broke the taboo in order to save little S, such as her first child in 2014, when her sister was in the fattening case, she was only one month pregnant, and announced that she would become an expectant mother, to shift the focus of the outside world. In 2015, when Kangxi Comes, Big S exposed that when Little S gave birth to her first child, she had her first blood test. She was told by doctors that she had a high probability of giving birth to unhealthy children. She was very anxious to see Little S. Big S kept up with God and prayed, Please, let my sister have a healthy child. If Xus family must have an unhealthy child, I will. Willing to have this baby. A few words made Xiao S burst into tears.

In 2018, when she was 41 years old, she accidentally conceived her third child. She not only suffered from physical distress, once triggered epilepsy and fainting, shocked the entertainment circle. She stopped working and waited for delivery. But at that time, when the 7-week-old embryo was incomplete, the couple chose artificial abortion and terminated the pregnancy process. Big S aborted her third child last year. Compared with her wish 14 years ago, it left a lot of imagination space for the outside world.

The big S was caught in the storm of marriage and transformation, and the small S force came forward. She warmed up her sister. No matter how the outside world guessed, I love my sisters heart and hope her happy heart will never change. (ETtoday/article)

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Zhang Yi_NBJS7487