Ellas self-exposure to tears on the plane: Why do I live in expectation?

 Ellas self-exposure to tears on the plane: Why do I live in expectation?

Netease Entertainment reported on March 6, according to Taiwan media reports, Ella said that she did not grow up in a wealthy family, but had a room to eat; maybe her legs were not long enough and her arms were not thin enough, so wear high-heeled shoes, then exercise, otherwise dont wear sleeveless shoes, she never envied others, and never disliked herself, because I knew from an early age that the world would come again. I cant find a second Chen Jiahua. I know Im unique.

Until I went to Calcutta, India, at the invitation of World Vision, and saw the poor children on the street, the people living next to the walls of the wealthy families, the local life was the ditch next to them, and the life in the slums. At noon, Ella went to a restaurant to have dinner, ate a fried meal, and began to shed tears, because it was clear that these children were feeling. How difficult and difficult it is to have such a meal. And then I thought, if you dont cherish yourself, its really too much, too good luck. The change of mentality will revitalize the dusty optimism.

Ella was promoted to a mother. She always remembered when she had just given birth and said to herself, I want to be a professional woman! She then shared, Because I want to use myself to do a demonstration to tell my children that you dont need to stop for anybody, even if you are my child, I still want to tell you that your life is your own, do what you want to do, and then try to do it. On the way to the Los Angeles desert, you can hear childrens childish laughter from time to time. Ella slides on her mobile phone when she has a little free time. Her mobile phone records all kinds of life clips of her son Jinbao. Her luggage also carries Jinbaos plush dolls and sleeps with them every night, as if Jinbao is beside her. (ETtoday/article)

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Zhang Yi_NBJS7487