Meizu Note9 released: 8 million yuan customized water drop screen, selling price from 1398 yuan

 Meizu Note9 released: 8 million yuan customized water drop screen, selling price from 1398 yuan

Meizu Li Nan said that although Meizu Note9 is a 1000 yuan machine, it will not be a model machine like other manufacturers, but will invest a lot of resources to polish its appearance, performance and photography.

8 million yuan custom drip screen

Meizu industrial designer Wang Dongwei introduced that before the introduction of Meizu Note9, the team had done nearly a years research on the thousand yuan machine in the market.

Wang Dongwei revealed that Meizu Note9 used a small water drop full screen and invested 8 million yuan to make this custom water drop screen. The cost has increased, but the experience is better. Wang Dongwei said.

Meizu Note9 uses 6.2 inch FHD + full screen, which accounts for 89.23%, fingerprint identification on the back, and the accuracy of fingerprint unlocking is 99%. Meizu Note9 has developed a new color matching, Star Flare Blue, on the basis of the traditional two colors of phantom black and bright white. For this blue, Meizu has invested six months in research and development, using 15 processes.

Running points less than 180,000 live kneeling Durian

Meizu System Engineer Hong Hansheng introduced that Meizu Note9 carried the latest release of Qantom 675 chip in 2009, and achieved the first domestic launch. Meizu officials said that Note9 had scored more than 180,000 runs on rabbits. Hong Hansheng jokingly bets that if users get mobile phone running points below 180,000, they will broadcast kneeling durian live.

On this basis, Meizu Note9 carries the Flyme 7.2 system based on Android 9.0, with a speed increase of 20%. After optimization, Meizu Note9s starting speed has approached the level of flagship aircraft.

Because Note9 was designed to provide young people with large screens and large batteries, Meizu Note9 carries 4000 mAh batteries, and heavy users can use them for 14.4 hours. And the 18W fast charge of mCharge is marked.

30 million yuan customized black-and-white photographs

In photography, Meizu image Engineer Wang Wenxi introduced that Note9 used 20 million front-end cameras of Meizu 16 series, and improved AI beauty algorithm with Hongsoft. At the same time, Samsung GM1MOD version of the 48-megapixel rear camera and customized version of the 5-megapixel black-and-white side camera are used. In addition, Mote9 is equipped with handheld super night view.

Wang Wenxi introduced that Meizu specially sent a team to cooperate with Samsung to change RGBSensor to MONO mode for this black-and-white vice-photograph, which increased the cost by 3 million yuan.

In terms of price, the 4 GB + 64 GB version of Meizu Note9 costs 1 398 yuan; the 6 GB + 64 GB version of Meizu Note9 costs 1 598 yuan; and the 4 GB + 128GB version of Meizu Note9 costs 1 598 yuan. (Cui Yuxian)