All Warriors Sleepwalking Only Curie State Online 23 Points Helpless 3 Cards

 All Warriors Sleepwalking Only Curie State Online 23 Points Helpless 3 Cards

In recent years, the Warriors have experienced more ups and downs on the road, but today back home, they are not playing much crazy state, on the contrary, most of the Warriors players are in a low state, drowsy, Curie is in a good state among teammates.

After 11-0 kick-off, the Warriors had to call a pause, Curie stood up and finally scored a goal to break the scoring shortage for the Warriors, a moment later, he continued to attack, 3 points from the outside, also in! The warrior finally found some feelings.

But Kuris status did not drive his teammates, we are still in a silent state, continue to be suppressed by the Green Army, Kuri Section 4 3, the efficiency is good.

Enter the second festival, the warriors are still depressed, the Green Army is still excited, Kuli this festival is the main attack point, the outside line is also more, good in the prospects or more assured, 5 in 3. Unfortunately, the Warriors have run 20 points behind.

In the last 4 minutes and 28 seconds of the first half, Kuri defended Irwin with all his strength, but he still had physical contact and was blown foul. He also smiled bitterly, while Irwin winked.

In the second half, the Warriors still did not make a significant improvement. In addition to a short period of time to improve the rhythm, get some counter-attack scores, Kuri basket has a strong lay-up, the outside line still has achievements, but thats all, for the overall situation of the Warriors, there is no impact, the game also ran away with a tragic defeat...

In the end, it became garbage time, and Kuri and other main forces did not come up again. In the end, the warriors harvested a tragic defeat.