Kaoshen only scored 10 points and scored 5 fouls to fight garbage.

 Kaoshen only scored 10 points and scored 5 fouls to fight garbage.

The Celtics changed their old downturn today and hit the Warriors 11-0. The Warriors have always been in a passive state. As a starting center, Cosins has also been targeted by Celtic tactics today. Cosins frequently made fouls on the defensive end, and on the offensive end he did not get any benefit from Celtic White Taberns.

During the match, Tim Bontemps, an American journalist, released a data: Cosinscurrent efficiency is - 16, and the Warriors just lost 16 points. The Celtics, like the previous Philadelphia 76, seized the opportunity to attack Cosins as much as possible, and they all succeeded.

In the fourth quarter, the game entered the garbage time ahead of schedule. The WarriorsKury, Durant and Green all punched out in advance. Coxins, who is also a star player, did not receive such treatment and remained on the court with a bunch of substitute players playing garbage.

Cosinsmood seems to be affected, too. He has always been bad at emotional management and has begun to pick things up on the court. Cosins backed up against Baines, raised his elbow and knocked him down. Cosins was called off for an offensive foul, but he rushed forward indignantly, spraying garbage at Baines, who was lying on the ground. Next, Celtic youngsters Jason Tatum and Rozil were involved. Cosins, unafraid of his enemies, pushed Tatum and Rozil aside.

Fortunately, the referee intervened in time and no further conflict broke out between the two sides. The referee looked back at the video and eventually called off Rozil and Cosins for one technical foul. Interestingly, Cole was also afraid that Cosins would continue to pick on the fight. Soon after this round, he quickly replaced Cosins.