He started out by selling slippers and four suites in Shanghai for football. He has cultivated several national brands.

 He started out by selling slippers and four suites in Shanghai for football. He has cultivated several national brands.

Ke Tieyuan Training Base

When the teachers salary is all for the students to play football

Wuchang, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province, is famous for planting rice all over the country. Li Taizhen was born here. There is no background at home, that is, an ordinary peasant household in the village. In his twenties, Li Taizhen began to teach in primary schools in the county. When he was the lowest PE teacher, no one had ever come out of this place to teach his children. There is an open space in the school. The playground, football field and basketball court are all here. Li Taizhen likes playing football. The boys in his class also fall in love with football. But such a rural primary school, let alone a regular football field, does not even have enough football for training, let alone the jersey.

Although he was only a sports teacher, Li Taizhen was very serious about football training courses. At that time, his salary was about 170 RMB a month. As soon as the money came out, he prepared team uniforms and football for the football team. It wasnt fun just to practice, and he figured out how to take the children out to compete. The school has no competition budget. He talked with the school leader for a long time. No, he spends his money. Under such circumstances, Li Taizhen and his school children insisted on football training, but also paid their own money to go out to play, watching the children look forward to, he felt that he did these things right.

The salary was never paid at home. After several years of work, he once bought a pack of 2 yuan cigarettes for his father and took it home. When the old father saw it, he was very happy. This is my sons salary for me! People who never smoke quickly lit their cigarettes this time, Rare!

In 1996, young people in villages and towns began to go outside, and Li Taizhen was one of them. But there was no money at home, and the salary of a former teacher went to subsidize the childrens football team. Li Taizhen, who had no road fare, borrowed 2,000 yuan from his neighbors and stepped out of Wuchang.

Later, many people said that it was too risky for Li Taizhen to sell four Shanghai apartments to fill the team gap during the most difficult period of football school. Asked if you run a free school, what if you spend all your savings and bring down the factory, he laughed and said, When I give up, Im penniless and I dont have a house to live in. I cant feed these children. My life is still positive, and I was negative in 1996. Dont live too well now, he has been saying.

Running free football school is a pat on the head decision

It all started in the negative life of 1996.

From youth to middle age, Li Taizhens son was born in 2002. In 2004, Ko Tieyuan slipper factory of Li Taizhen, a Korean, entered Haimen through the way of foreign investment. The growth and development of Ke Tieyuan also became the economic foundation of Li Taizhen in the future.

Club for Seven Children in 2011

In 2010, Li Taizhens son was a freshman in primary school, studying in Shanghai, when a club took a fancy to him. Because the whole family likes football, the family consulted, the child may be going this way in the future, and sent the child to the past. But more than half a year, Li Taizhen often went to see, he felt that the domestic youth football environment compared with foreign countries is a big gap, after all, want to take a professional line, think about it, go out to see first.

Li Taizhen, a Korean speaker, took his son to Seoul Sports University, Korea, where he made a thorough inspection. At least I know if this child can play football in the future. At Seoul Sports University, there is a set of special testing methods and instruments, including childrens growth hormones, body development prediction report, At that time, there was no domestic, it seems that there is no professional institutions to do these comprehensive examinations. Li Taizhen is stubborn and needs to do his best.

The University gave all the analysis reports, including the reports on height, intelligence and physique, which showed that there was no problem in sports and gave Li Taizhen a diet plan. Determine the future direction of training, followed by the selection of training institutions for children. Because of the relationship between some Korean friends, Li Taizhen took his children to various youth training institutions in Korea for a tour. The deepest feeling was: The training environment and concept here are different. He wanted to think that this child would play football in the future, but not in the domestic environment.

Club Building

South Korea is not the best and the cost is not low. A child in grade one or two has to accompany a couple. Li Taizhen calculates an account. In Korean primary school, at least 67,000 training fees are spent a month. In this way, at least one million dollars a year will be spent. He began to mutter that a player who had grown up for ten years was good at playing profession, how much money it would cost to grow up, and the average family couldnt afford it. Its better to invite foreign coaches, create a foreign equivalent environment for children, and find an equal coach, so that more children can benefit. For the same amount of money, one of my sons spends so much money on going abroad. Its also so much money to invite a person to come back.


The idea is to clap your head. Li Taizhen went to Haimen Education Bureau, said the idea and set up a club. Training is free, food and housing are free, and three schools have been selected in cooperation with the local education bureau to ensure childrens cultural courses. Such football schools not only attract local children in Haimen, but also more parents from other places come with their children. At first, Li Taizhen was very happy, but later found that by his own efforts, a slipper factory could not support the clubs expenses at all. There are more children, good grades, and there is no echelon below. Football should have a culture of inheritance. Li Taizhens Ke Tieyuan Football Club from seven children in 2011 to more than 200 children in 2018, wave after wave, I used to spend one or two million a year, but I didnt expect the club to increase year by year, which is not a problem of one or two million at all.

Go straight to Korea Football Association for coaching resources

Money is on the one hand, the coach has to find the team to run, businessman Luzino, Li Taizhen has many friends in Korea and Japan, but in football circle, he is a person who does not know. Football schools need coaching resources to run. He went to Korea alone. When he heard about the office of the Korean Football Association, he rushed in to consult people about the youth ministries. Think its the same as in China, dividing the youth ministries into the youth ministries. No Youth Department of the Korean Football Association was found. The people inside said that there was only the Youth League and the office was on the 4th floor. Li Taizhen went up and introduced himself as a football club owner from China. He wanted to talk to his supervisor. He met the Vice President of the Korean Youth League at that time and pulled people to say, I am a football club in China, I lack good coaches, good docking, Korean football is more developed than Chinese football, I hope you can help me, I am also Korean.

Talking with Xu Genbao about Youth Training

Who knows the other side is also happy, after listening to say: OK, I will introduce you to the coach. Bring in an old coach in his sixties surnamed Luo. It was this coach who opened the door to the Korean coaching team for Li Taizhen and his Ko Tien Yuan Club.

From a few children in 2011 to 260 children in 2018, Li Taizhen also experienced many twists and turns. He even sold four properties in Shanghai to subsidize the team. Every time someone talks about housing prices in the core area of Xinzhuang, Shanghai, he will shout, Dont talk about high blood pressure again!

260 people in 2018

In 2014, they won a national championship, which has been paid attention to. Team echelons have gradually played out. Ke Tieyuans children have also started to get results at home - scoring good results in various competitions and being selected as national titles of all ages. In 2017, the government vigorously supported the establishment of the Haimen Football Town plan, coupled with the ownership of the local large enterprises in the south-central, everything Ke Tieyuan has been on the right track.

Prepared to hit the professional league

At present, there is not only a first-class training base, but also a small dormitory building in the school for Ke Tieyuan as dormitory and office area. The canteen also has a special floor for the children of the team. From 02 to 10 years old, there are 8 echelons, plus an elite team, 30 coaches and more than 20 staff members. In the second half of last year, the club from business development to media propaganda and other intelligent departments are recruiting people to buy horses, but also asked the Korean design team to make a set of Zhongnan Kejian edge of the surrounding creative products. Such a base even surpasses many professional clubs in China. Li Taizhen also drew the blueprint of professional league, Next year (2020) in June to form a team to play the Soviet Championship, after the second division, to achieve the goal requires a lot of resources integration, according to this goal, the road is their own rush out. Li Taizhen made it clear that professional league is the direction of Kes development.

Honor room

Selected National Brand Honor Wall

Honor room

Today, Li Taizhen thinks most about how to strengthen the club. The big club first does the profession and then does the youth training. Our three-year plan is to form a team to play the Soviet Championship in June next year, and then the second class in order to achieve the goal needs a lot of resources to integrate. Many people frighten Li Taizhen and think that he has gone to the dead end. Many people say that I am mentally ill, society is reality, and all speak with the results. I dont care. I do my job well. He regarded the children in the base as his own children and did all these things. He said that all these things were because so many children looked at you every day. The children were called Li Taizhens father. He said, Every day they moved me very much. Such a small child, in order to pursue the football dream, I was moved to watch them and runny nose.

Coaching team

Although there are government support and big business sponsorship, after all, food, clothing and transportation are free, Ke Tieyuan is not enough money. Last year we spent 30 million yuan, last Decembers report came out, frightening, I did not invite anyone to eat thousands of yuan, thrift, go out for competitions and training, more than 30 echelons, coaches, last years salary was 13 million. These hundreds of people eat, compete, clothes, add up, the monthly electricity and water costs are 50,000, these are our own side to pay, the burden is heavy. Li Taizhen does things very carefully, how to allocate food in the canteen, and how to provide food and nutrition for children with limited funds, all these things he has to consider.

In fact, Li Taizhens blueprint is a little big, which is not a dream that can be easily accomplished in the industry. He wants to really play out and rush into the professional league, hoping to foster his own fans by fostering his team. Haimen has a population of 1 million, injecting a belief into them and becoming a team of 1 million people. Every match, regardless of the level, the stadium is full, and the utilization rate of the whole sports facilities is high. What is the problem for the survival of this team at this time? 300,000 people are hard-core fans. For the sake of their cultural life, they spend 1,000 or 2,000 a year. How much is that? Its not a problem to support a team.

Training ground

There was a general in Nantong who once wrote Li Taizhen Li Mad Man, but Li Taizhen was initially unwilling to admit it. Looking back on what he had done in the past eight years since the grass-roots football school was officially opened in 2011, he finally nodded, Its crazy, but there are some things that I dont want to do, I dont want to do, so many children are here, its their responsibility and responsibility.

At the beginning of 2019, the Chinese Football Association also started youth training education and held a youth training working conference of the Chinese Football Association. It was determined that in 2019, the competition system led by the Youth Super League should continue to be bigger and stronger, the single-age group settings should be further improved, the system of the Youth Super League should be divided into regions, hierarchies, home and away fields and weekends, so as to create the scale of the thousands of teams and build the youth football talents. Emergence and youth football culture training platform, for social clubs, sports schools, football schools, schools and other football youth training institutions to provide more competition platforms and matches. We should further expand the youth football population, popularize football culture and consolidate football foundation. A series of policy tendencies show that the training of Chinese football youth will become the most important in the future. Li Taizhen and his Ketianyuan Football Club are already ahead of us.

Since 2017, Netease Sports, together with the Sports Industry Development Research Center of Tsinghua University, has jointly launched the Spark Guide - National Youth Sports Training Institutions Selection, in order to select excellent youth sports training institutions nationwide, and promote the establishment of industry standards and more healthy development. Over the past two years, nearly 400 organizations from football and basketball have participated, and a total of 80 organizations have been listed on the Star Guide Star Institutions List.

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