Sichuan Secretary for Poverty Alleviation pleaded for delayed admission for advanced cancer: 20 days remaining in office

 Sichuan Secretary for Poverty Alleviation pleaded for delayed admission for advanced cancer: 20 days remaining in office

Zhang Xiaoqing is a cadre of Yibin Business Bureau. He is about to retire. At his request, he is assigned to Sri Village as the first secretary. One and a half years after poverty alleviation, Zhang Xiaoqing wrote 150,000 words of poverty alleviation diary.

For delaying admission, he gave the doctor a simple reason: his first Secretary for poverty alleviation still has 20 days to go before his term of office expires, Thats my last kilometer...


Life is alive, you cant patronize yourself

When retired, they actively asked for poverty alleviation work.

On Monday, September 4, 2017,Poverty is good for itself, and it helps the world at the same time. Although he did not reach or pretend to be under heaven, he could not patronize himself in his lifetime. He had to reflect his due social value, leave some memories for his old age and give people some thoughts. The platform of Sri Village, more than 16 months (the period of service is August 22, 2017 to December 31, 2018), I hope to achieve my ideas.

u2014u2014 Zhang Xiaoqings diary in the village?

Zhang Xiaoqing, born in Yibin in 1957, went to the countryside as an educated youth at the age of 18, then returned to the technical school in the city. He worked in Yibin Paper Mill, Yibin Foreign Trade Bureau and Yibin Business Bureau successively.

Zhang Xiaoqing took a picture in Sri Village. Respondents Map

Situated in Tengda Town, Junlian County, Sili Village is situated on the top of the ancient mountain at the junction of Junlian, Kunxian and Gaoxian Counties. It is a high mountain with a 3.5-metre-wide cement road crossing the cliff to enter the village. There are 902 villagersgroups in the village, including 38 poor families and 128 people. The traditional cash crops are corn and red vetch. There are 580 laborers in the whole village, and more than 220 people go out to work all year round. It is a typical poverty-stricken mountain village.

A photograph by Luo Min of Sri Village

Connecting Zhang Xiaoqing with Sri Village is a long-planned retirement plan.

In 2015, when he heard that the Yibin Business Bureau was going to send the first secretary to the village, he applied on his own initiative, I feel well, and I want to do something more to contribute to the country and the people. However, Zhang Xiaoqing had to give up because the Bureau of Commerce had decided to let Xie Min, the chief section member of the General Section, go to Sri Village to help the poor.

In July 2017, he could have retired as a county investigator. But just as he was about to retire, Xie Min, the first Secretary of Sri Village, was about to expire his term of office. Zhang Xiaoqing offered to succeed Xie Min and received support. Before taking office, Zhang Xiaoqing drove quietly to touch the situation in Sili Village. Knowing that he was a recruit in poverty alleviation, he asked the organization to agree to Xie Min, a three-year-old colleague, to take him for two months.

Only in this belt did we know that the real situation of Sri Village was very specific:

There is no pillar industry that can increase farmersincome and make them rich. Some villages have not hardened their roads. Even if farmers grow cash crops, it is difficult to transport them out of the mountains.

The mountain is high and water is scarce. The small reservoir that villagers want to build for generations has always been just a wish.

Zhang Xiaoqing hesitated to make a career after the situation was cleared.

Later in the village log, he had such a frank voice at that time: ... Life in the world, can not patronize themselves, must always reflect the social value of due, to leave some memories for the old age, to leave some thoughts for people. The platform of Sri Village, more than 16 months (the period of service is August 22, 2017 to December 31, 2018), I hope to achieve my ideas.


Its certainly not possible to develop agriculture by making small noises.

Planning 500 Mu Green and Pollution-free Vegetable Base

In short, the development of agricultural industry,small fightis certainly not feasible, we must have a realisticbig hand! The feasibility study report of the project should be completed as soon as possible to overcome the difficulties, because it is the key to integrate poverty alleviation funds to develop the pillar leading industries in Sri Village.

u2014u2014 Zhang Xiaoqings Village Log

It is the duty of the first Secretary of the poor village to lift the poor families out of poverty and make them rich. Zhang Xiaoqing is going to do a big job in Sri village to ensure that the village withdraws from the poverty-stricken village sequence in 2018. With the help of the national poverty alleviation policy, the 38 poor families in the village can get rid of poverty and become rich and live a good life.

After 21 years of immersion in the business system, Zhang Xiaoqing decided to develop the characteristic agricultural industry in Sri Village, strengthen the collective economy, dig a economic source for the high mountain and cold Sri Village, and make it a long stream of water and a side of Yongji.

On August 1, 2017, before being formally appointed, Zhang Xiaoqing urgently accompanied Zhou Xing (alias), owner of the Agricultural Products Sales Company, to visit Sri Village. After returning to Yibin, he continuously agreed with the company to achieve a win-win cooperation model framework for enterprises, Sili village collectives and farmers.

Sli Village. Luo min she

On the night of August 23, Zhang Xiaoqing arrived at the village to take office. The next day, he wrote in his village log: Rain on Thursday, August 24, 2017. This is the second day of residence in the village. In the morning, there was an on-the-job meeting attended by the village branch committee, the two committees and the leaders of each group. It was also a task arrangement meeting that introduced the general situation of the green pollution-free vegetable project one by one. In the afternoon, the village director and the village branch book were working in the village branch bookmaker and discussed the material purchase budget related to the feasibility study report of the project.

Villagers cant wait! Zhang Xiaoqing is determined to continue! At this time, it is still summer. In order to keep the farmland vacant, after testing and evaluating the soil, climate and water sources of Sri village, Zhou Xing Company decided to develop 500 mu green pollution-free vegetable production base in Sri village and adjacent Xinhe village. The land rent is paid in cash from 220 yuan to 300 yuan per mu. In the first year of planting childrens vegetables, the company purchased them in cash of 0.3 yuan per jin, and the price was used as the labor remuneration for farmers to grow childrens vegetables.

Zhang Xiaoqing decided to develop characteristic agricultural industry for Sri Village, and to dig the economic source for the high mountain and cold Sri Village, began to flow...


Loss can not be lost to the masses

Payment of 65,000 vegetables in advance with his wifes private money

On Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the company is running out of resources and the capital chain is completely broken. Childrens vegetable planting is a self-guided recommendation, in the case of the companys weakness, the aftermath must find their own way to help solve the loan.

u2014u2014 Zhang Xiaoqings Village Log

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, land rent was 260 yuan per year, seedlings, pesticides and fertilizers were provided free of charge. Output (vegetable) was purchased and sold at a fixed price of 0.3 yuan per kilogram in the village. The output per mu was 6,000 kilograms, and the net profit of farmers was 1,800 yuan per mu. The project is short, flat and fast, farmers have no capital investment, no risk, there is a considerable New Years wallet before the Spring Festival. Zhang Xiaoqing, a former educated youth, knows that farming time is limited and that if he misses a few months, he will lose one season of harvest. After consultation with Zhou Xing and others, it was decided to start the vegetable base project immediately.

Zhang Xiaoqing told reporters that in March 2018, due to the decision-making mistakes of Zhou Xing Company, the opening date was delayed and the best season for listing was missed. The market price of pediatric vegetable dropped from 1.5 yuan/kg to 0.5 yuan/kg, so that when the initial purchase fund of 265,000 yuan will be exhausted, one car will be lost if one car is collected. In order to reduce the loss, Zhang Xiaoqing proposed to stop the acquisition of stops, and Zhou Xing Company was responsible for the investment to deal with the aftermath.

In order to safeguard the interests of villagers, Zhang Xiaoqing worked with them to reduce the price of paella to 0.2 yuan per kilogram. The company directly subsidized the cash of the villagers. The villagers no longer cut down the paella, and the labor saved offset the reduced price of paella. Since then, Zhang Xiaoqing repeatedly contacted Zhou Xing to pay farmers for their dishes. March 29 (Thursday), waiting for Zhous general contact, no news; March 30 (Friday), waiting for Zhous general contact, no news. Wait, wait, wait for the news that the company is in trouble and the capital chain is broken.

Zhang Xiaoqing was anxious to dig an economic spring for the villagers, but the project was dead halfway. He also felt the responsibility on his shoulders, he wrote in his village log.

On Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the company is running out of resources and the capital chain is completely broken. Childrens vegetable planting is a self-guided recommendation, in the case of the companys weakness, the aftermath must find their own way to help solve the loan.

Losses must not be made to the masses. Looking at the vegetables in the field, Zhang Xiaoqing was very anxious. In order to solve the urgent need of the masses, he took out his wife Xu Shengfangs private house money, village patches, quarterly performance, overdrawn credit cards, and borrowed 10,000 yuan from his friends. He made up 65,000 yuan to advance part of the vegetable purchases, which guaranteed the villagersinterests to the greatest extent.

At the same time, he also has his own summary and thinking. In the village log, he once wrote as follows:

On Friday, July 6, 2018, during more than three hours of driving, an article was constantly conceived in my mind. After returning to their residence to brew tea, they almost breathlessly became the Communication and Exchange Book between Cadres and the masses for the aftermath of Nanchong vegetable planting on their mobile phones, which was distributed in the Wechat Work Groups of two levels in the village. I think this Communication Letter is well-reasoned and should be able to carry it until the end of the 7th day until Zhou Xing Company raises funds for the recovery. In all things, there must be a road before the mountain, and when the boat comes to the bridge, it will be straight. If there are contradictions, we must face them directly and resolve them, but we must rely on wisdom.

His work has also been understood and praised by the villagers. Secretary Zhang is the opposite person (dialect, that is, a very good person). He also suffered from planting vegetables in the village. Cao Xianglin, a 72-year-old villager from Sri village, told reporters.


Busy working during the day and meeting late at night

Without air conditioning and water heaters, its much harder than in the city.

u2014u2014 Zhang Xiaoqings Village Log

When they first arrived at Sri Village, many villagers did not believe that Zhang Xiaoqing, a retired cadre in the city, would go to the remote mountains to suffer.

When he came, he had no place to live. Later, the town coordinated and arranged for the teachersswing room in our school. Li Xudong, principal of Sili Village Primary School, told reporters that the house of Sili Primary School is a reinforced concrete structure room, hot in summer and cold in winter, and there is no air conditioner or water heater. The living conditions are much harder than in the city. He was worried that Zhang Xiaoqing, who was in the sixties, could not carry it, but from taking office to leaving, Zhang Xiaoqing carried it.

Zhang Xiaoqing spent five days and four nights a week in Sri Village during his one and a half years in the village. You cant go home for two or three weeks in special circumstances.

Zhang Xiaoqing is in the corner of the dormitory in Sili Village. Luo min she

After working busily during the day, Zhang Xiaoqing often organizes village cadres to hold meetings in the evening, sometimes until midnight. The materials and reports written by his colleagues should be revised and approved by him even later. If we are busy till 12 oclock, Secretary Zhang will be busy till 1 or 2 oclock in the morning. Huang Chengbiao, a village cadre, recalled that Zhang Xiaoqing was very friendly and polite to villagers, poor households and colleagues, and did not put on airs.

Reporters found that Zhang Xiaoqings village log recorded many meetings organized to promote poverty alleviation, sometimes even late at night.u2014u2014

At 9:00 on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, a project promotion meeting was organized with members of the two committees of the village branch, leaders of five villagersgroups and some ordinary Party members. I talked about the project and reached a consensus. The meeting decided to hold a meeting at 9:00 p.m. for the villagersgroups to publicize the relevant information of the project and to count the number of mu of farmland provided voluntarily and paid and the number of mu of voluntary planting. At 11:00 p.m., the heads of each group reported the situation in my residence. The number of Mu planted voluntarily in five groups reached more than 300 mu.

On Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017, the village director was notified to the village. At 2 p.m., the village branch calligraphers convened a meeting of the group leaders to request each group to transfer statistics of seedling demand of Nanyun vegetable according to the external transfer, so as to implement the planting statistics on Oct. 10...

The conscientious and diligent poverty alleviation work also helped him gain the recognition of the masses. Huang Shaofeng, a group of poor households in Sli Village, completed the transformation of dangerous houses and moved into new houses when Zhang Xiaoqing took office. Speaking of Secretary Zhang, Huang Shaofen repeatedly said, This man is polite and respectful!

Zhang Xiaoqing stands at the Village Stele at the entrance of Sili Village. Luo min she


Pushing and pushing again and again, his face was deformed with pain before he went to the hospital for examination.

Poverty alleviation is a very meaningful and noble work

Poverty alleviation is a very meaningful and lofty work, and I personally participated in some of it without complaint or regret. Things are changeable and life is fragile. Unfortunately, since Ive been allowed to spread it out, Im sure to face it calmly.

u2014u2014 Zhang Xiaoqings Village Log

Zhang Xiaoqings waist had been injured and occasionally suffered from weather changes. After the setbacks in the pediatric planting base, Zhang Xiaoqing felt a little angry and aggravated the pain in his waist, but he did not pay attention to it, thinking it was the old wound. Husband Xu Shengfang reminded him to take a rest and not to work too hard all night. But he felt that his body was completely okay. I dont think theres a big problem with that old problem.

In mid-October 2018, shortly after the National Day holiday, Zhang Xiaoqing drove to Chengdu to attend a poverty alleviation workshop. According to the arrangement, he can stay in Chengdu for one more night and come back one day later. But Sri village is preparing for the inspection, he can not rest assured. At the end of the meeting, he turned to Yibin and returned to the village overnight.

By 11 oclock in the night, Zhang Xiaoqing felt the pain in his waist and shoulder intensified and could hardly turn over when he lay down. Xu Shengfang, his wife, told him to go back to Yibin for examination, but he still thought it was the old wound and pain, and insisted on taking medicine to relieve pain. Early the next morning, Huang Chengbiao, Li Lan and other cadres stationed in the village all went to Tengda Town for a meeting. Zhang Xiaoqing was not seen for a long time. At this time, Li Lan received a text message from Zhang Xiaoqing: My waist injury is so painful that I have to work hard for you.

Li Lan had repeatedly suggested that Zhang Xiaoqing go to the hospital for thorough examination, but Zhang Xiaoqing refused on the grounds of busy work. After that, Zhang Xiaoqing persisted in the village for more than ten days, taking medicine every day to relieve pain, but the pain became more and more severe, before he decided to go back to the city for examination.

On November 30, 2018, Zhang Xiaoqings face changed with pain. At the strong request of his colleagues and wife, Zhang Xiaoqing drove back to Yibin with pain. I went to Yibin No. 3 Hospital to do CT. The next day I took a look at the report. I was foolish:Suspected tumors? I cant believe the results of Zhang Xiaoqings examination were reviewed in Tumor Hospital of Yibin Second Hospital. The results were highly malignant neuroendocrine tumors. Cancer cells had been transferred to bone and liver (advanced stage)...


The whole village successfully withdraws from poverty in Sri Village

When I heard that he was leaving, the 70-year-old poor family said goodbye in tears.

October 1, 2018, National Day. A series of democratic Councils for poverty-stricken households to withdraw from poverty were organized. Of 38 poor households, 20 planned to withdraw in 2018 agreed to withdraw by full vote. Eighteen households that had withdrawn in previous years had no phenomenon of returning to poverty.

Since August 2017, he has been stationed in the village for more than one year. He has devoted himself to fighting poverty and great undertakings, and has not disgraced the mission entrusted by the Party organization.

u2014u2014 Zhang Xiaoqings Village Log

For a year and a half in Sili Village, Zhang Xiaoqing wrote a village log every day, with a few words short and a thousand words long. He wrote a total of nearly 150,000 words of poverty alleviation log, notes, work briefings, special reports and other materials.

When he handed over his work, he wrote a summary of the work of the First Secretary of Poverty Alleviation to Yibin Business Bureau.

First, the whole village smoothly lifted poverty and caps. By organizing mutual inspection in the city, the whole village has successfully withdrawn from the poverty sequence.

Second, the construction of village infrastructure has been smoothly promoted. One is the Conch Bay Pingtang Project, which has been eagerly built by the villagers of Sri Village for generations. During the term of office, coordination was promoted and the construction was started. Secondly, the hardening of the village road trunk with a total length of 10.17 kilometers has been completed... After installation of 100 solar street lamps, the village road has a new scene of night lighting; the village road has dozens of garbage cans...

Third, we should promote the implementation of special industrial development funds for bureau-county cooperation. Fighting for the special fund of 200,000 yuan from the county finance to support the development of collective economy in Sri Village, more than 300 mu tea plantations have been planted in the layout and organization.

More than a year later, I returned to Sri Village as the first secretary. The deepest feeling is that the village has changed greatly, and many houses and roads have changed. Xie Min, who took the baton from Zhang Xiaoqing again, told reporters.

Zhang Xiaoqing was treated in hospital. Luo min she

Zhang Lirong, deputy director of Yibin Business Bureau, said: Over the past year, Zhang Xiaoqings mission of poverty alleviation in villages has not been disgraced. He has united and led the village team and the village branch committees to successfully accomplish the task of poverty alleviation for the poor households and the task of poverty alleviation for the poor villages as a whole.

In 2018, because of outstanding performance, Zhang Xiaoqing ranked first in the countys quarterly assessment and was awarded the Mobile Red Flag, which was also praised by the Yunlian County Committee and the county government. He is a model for young cadres in the front line of fighting poverty. A cadre in Junlian County commented.

After Zhang Xiaoqings illness, Yunlian County Party Committee and Tengda Town Party Committee all sent people to visit and send a consolation money; Yibin Business Bureau provided great convenience in docking hospitals, contacting doctors and arranging vehicles; relevant departments at the city and county levels are carrying out more condolences, care and medical assistance for Zhang Xiaoqing.

Li Xudong, the principal of Sri Village Primary School, remembers that on December 19 last year, Zhang Xiaoqing returned to the village committee to hand over his work accompanied by his lover, and the main party and government leaders of Tengda Town and the people close to him came to see him off. Just as the car was about to leave the village committee yard dam, Li Mingyun, a 70-year-old poor household, stopped it. Li Mingyun, holding Zhang Xiaoqings hand and crying, said, Secretary Zhang, I heard you were ill. I heard you were leaving. I came to see you off. I almost missed it. You must get better, you must come back, you are a good man!

Source: Xu Meng_N7485, responsible editor of Chengdu Business Daily