The fugitive surrendered himself and asked for marriage formalities first. The police were fully armed to witness marriage

 The fugitive surrendered himself and asked for marriage formalities first. The police were fully armed to witness marriage

[Fugitives surrender and request marriage formalities to be done first] In accordance with the Marriage Law of the Peoples Republic of China, we voluntarily marry as husband and wife. On March 4, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Longmatan District, Luzhou, Sichuan Province, welcomed a special couple of brides. The bride and groom were accompanied by the police to register and get their marriage certificates. The groom, a 34-year-old fugitive Yang Mou (from Yutang Town, Longmatan District) who had just surrendered to the police station, fled six years ago after stabbing people in a card game dispute and finally surrendered under the encouragement of his girlfriend.

According to the report of Longmatan Branch Bureau of Luzhou Public Security Bureau of Sichuan on March 6, on June 25, 2013, a dispute occurred between Yang Mou and others while playing cards at a tea house in Longmatan District. Yang Mou stabbed the victim into a serious injury and fled the scene, hiding eastward from Tibet. Later, he was listed as an online fugitive by the police.

During his escape, Yang met his girlfriend and gave birth to a daughter. On the surface, the days are happy and happy, but Yang Mous heart is fearful and uneasy, and the mistakes he made in the past make him feel painful and tormented. He confessed his past mistakes to his girlfriend. Her girlfriend was shocked and encouraged to face the reality bravely. Under the repeated persuasion of his mother and girlfriend, Yang took the initiative to find the victim, apologized to him and paid 200,000 yuan compensation, which was understood by the victim.

On the morning of March 4, accompanied by his family and girlfriend, Yang came to Red Star Police Station and surrendered himself. After surrendering himself, Yang still felt ashamed of his girlfriend, so he hesitated to ask the police to handle the case, can we leave some time for him to go to the civil affairs department to handle the marriage formalities. The request was approved and blessed by the police. At 10 a.m. on the same day, accompanied by police officers and relatives and friends of the Red Star Police Station, Yang Mou and her girlfriend came to the marriage registration office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Longmatan District to apply, fill in forms, press their handprints, take wedding photos, and get the hard-won marriage certificate.

Holding the marriage certificate in hand, Yang Mou also said that he could be responsible for his own behavior, and more responsible for his family in the future. At present, Yang Mou has been detained in accordance with the law, and the case is being further processed.

Source: Author of Beijing Youth Daily: Responsible Editor of Li Tao Dai Youqing: Xu Meng_NN7485