The WTA post-ball battle will rekindle and the four will challenge Naomi Osaka to the throne

 The WTA post-ball battle will rekindle and the four will challenge Naomi Osaka to the throne

WTAInsider columnist: Courtney Nguyen

American, California, Indian Wells - 2009 BNP Paribas Open womens singles issued, the worlds largest Naomi Sakawa will usher in the first career Championship trip. A new round of post-ball battles will start again, with Halepp, Kovitova, Stevens and Ka Priscova all expected to reach the top.

Competition Profile:

The first eight seed groups:

The first half: Naomi Osaka, Kovitova, Ka Priskova, Cobel

The second half: Halepp, Stevens, Svetorina, Bottens

TOP16 seed pairing:

[1] Naomi Osaka --[13] Wozniacki

[11] Sevastova --[5] Ka Priscova

[3] Kovitova --[15] Gergus

[9] Sabarenca --[8] Cobel

[7] Bottens --[10] Williams Jr.

[16] Meltens --[4] Stevens

[6] Svetorina --[12] Batty

[14] Casagina --[2] Halepp

Last years final score:

Naomi Osaka D. Casakina 6-36-2

Naomi Osaka Launched the War of Defending the Championship

Only one woman player in the history of Indian Wells won the championship: 28 years ago, Navratinova won the rare title for two consecutive years. In addition, this compulsory top-notch race has been the focus of black horse champions in recent years, and only one of the worlds top ten winners has won the championship in the past five years.

This will be Naoto Osakas first defending championship in her career. She just hired Jermaine Jenkins as her coach last week. The Japanese girl will try to get out of the shadows of Dubais defeat two weeks ago, when she lost 3-63-6 to Murad Norwich in her first show after becoming the worlds No. 1.

The two players are likely to meet again this week: the French aces first-round opponent is Zheng Sei, and the winner will challenge the defending champion in the next round. Naoto Osakas first seeded player on the road to promotion is Collins, the top four of the Australian Open this year, while the top 16 rivals Bencic, the new Kodubai champion, or former world number one Wozniacki. If she can stand the test of previous rounds, Naomi Osaka is likely to repeat the Australian Open in succession - her potential opponents in the quarter-finals and semi-finals are Ka Priscova and Kovitova, respectively.

Four Challenged Naoto Osakas Back Throne

A year ago, Naoto Osaka was still outside TOP 40 in the world rankings, and the WTA Championship still did not fall. Twelve months later, the 21-year-old Japanese girl returned as defending champion. She has two Grand Slam titles and is also the new No.1.

During Indian Wells this year, four players are expected to overthrow Naomi Osakas rule: Kovitova, Halepp, Stevens and Ka Priscova. To be crowned number one in the world, all four must make deep rounds in the second week.

Kovitova is currently the top scorer of Porsches move to Shenzhen. She has to break into the top four to keep her hopes. For Halepp and Stevens, they both need to reach the final to be able to sit on the back of the ball. Ka Priskovas return to the top of the world is most demanding, depending on the achievements of others as well as the need to win the championship.

The 2/4 area where Covetova is located is full of doubts.

Kovitova sits in 2/4 of the town and will face the winner of the first battle between Grand Williams and Petkovic. She has won one championship this year (Sydney Station) and two high-level finals (Australian Open, Dubai Station), leading all the players in the tournament. Nevertheless, the desert climate in Indian Wells has always been against the Czech people, and she has never broken through the top eight here so far.

Keith, Sabarenca and Cobel are in the same district as Covetova. Indian Wells is Keiths second race this year, while Sabarenca is looking to become the worlds top ten winners, while Cobel has yet to reach the heat of the same period last year.

Stevens leads the death team and Wilbertens Jr. competes for the top 16 seats

3/4 District is crowded with big brands, and many wonderful matches will be staged soon. The region is headed by No. 4 seed Stevens. Xiaowei, Azarenka and Muguruza will attack the top 16 seats. Anisimova and Andlescu are also the two leading members of the Cenozoic era in the region.

St. Petersburg champion Bottens and Xie Shuwei, who made the top four in Dubai, had a chance to meet in the third round. There are also Konta as a non-seeded fighter will bring a lot of trouble for the seeded players.

This is Xiaoweis second race this year and his first appearance since Australian Open reached the top eight this year. The last time American women won Indian Wells was back in 2001.

Halepp signed Lujia

World No. 2 Halepp has won a relatively easy signing form for the 2009 season so far, and if it works properly, it should be able to gradually enter the state. Halepp has done well on the site, won the championship in 2015 and reached the top four last year. This year, she will meet the winners of Strissova and the qualifying contestants in her first match. The first counterpoint seed will be Sasnovic, who always plays well against the best players. Then she will meet last years runner-up Casa Kinna or 2017 French Open champion Ostapenko, both players are not in the best state in the beginning of the year, still looking for feel.

Over the past few rounds, Halepp may face Svetorina or Batty in the top eight. The Australians returned to the Australian Open for the first time after entering the top eight, and Garcia was the first match seed.

The first round of confrontation deserves attention:

Lisk VS Uytfank, Greater Williams VS Petkovich, Tom Janovic VS Kone, Wang Yafan VS Kenning, Gavrilova VS Yastromska, Vancouver VS Sigmund.

Potential second round of confrontation:

Naoto Osaka VS Murad Norwich, Collins VS Buchar, Kovitova VS Dawei, Pavlyuchenkova VS Sakari, Kobel VS Puddingseva, Konta VS Xie Shuwei, Azarenka Jr. VS, Meltens VS Anisimova, Svetorina VS Kenning, Garcia VS Brady, Strisova VS Halepu.

The competition will start on Wednesday, March 6, local time.

Source: WTA Chinese Official Website Responsible Editor: Cao Lie-e_NS1806