Navy Kunlun Mountain Ship Running through Wolfs nest at sea in Aden Bay to Ensure Ship Safety

 Navy Kunlun Mountain Ship Running through Wolfs nest at sea in Aden Bay to Ensure Ship Safety

South China Sea Fleet Wechat Public News, the 31st batch of escort fleet since December last year, has been affecting the hearts of the motherlands relatives. Recently, the ocean has also spread a bulletin that naval fighters far away in foreign waters, with a wave of beautiful on-the-spot operation, successfully completed the task at the same time, once again highlighted the strong strength of our navy.

On March 1, local time, waves were calm in some area of the Gulf of Aden. The 31st batch of naval escort fleet Kunlun Mountain ships are on a westward escort mission.

The escorted vessel is the Liberian cargo ship Alipus. Around 8:30 a.m., the radar found more than 20 nautical miles away from the ship with unknown small targets. The formation command post ordered the helicopters to prepare for their departure, and at the same time, made comprehensive use of various means to strengthen the observation and warning of the sea.

Multiple small targets swimming in escort waters

_Helicopter aerial reconnaissance, special forces closely observe the sea surface

8, 9, 10... Helicopter lift-off approach reconnaissance found that four fishing boats were fishing at sea, 14 small speedboats were cruising.

Mother ship towing boat maneuver

Du - Du, accompanied by a long whistle, Kunlun Mountain Ship rapidly changed course, will be protected by ships and small fast boat group isolation.

_Kunlun Mountain Ship High Speed Maneuver

After several weeks of hovering, the helicopter did not find the boat carrying weapons, ladders and other tools. After analysis and judgment, the formation command post basically excluded the possibility that these boats were pirate vessels. Some officers and soldiers breathed a little slower.

Deck observation, vigilance and video-taking personnel to enhance personal protection. The formation leader warned, We should watch carefully every move of the boat and keep a high degree of vigilance at all times. As soon as the voice fell, the original dense boats dispersed in an instant, and several boats came to an unexpected rapid maneuver.

Reporting the ships finger, several small boats rushed through my stern!

Looking at Genkouras loud report. The suspicious boat suddenly approached the protected vessel and accelerated to stir up a string of waves on the sea surface.

_Fast maneuver of small target

Faced with such a sudden situation, the formation officers and soldiers calmly responded: the helicopter immediately changed course, flew over the small boat hovering warning, the Kunlun Mountains ship again sounded the whistle deterrent. After some warning measures, the boats suddenly stopped flying at high speed on the sea. At this time, the Kunlun Mountain Ship is like a mighty lion, escorting the cargo ship forward.

_Helicopter approaching reconnaissance sea surface

In the evening, the Kunlun Mountain Ship encountered 26 small targets at sea. The officers and soldiers kept their arrows on the strings and did not leave any chance for the boat to approach the merchant ship.

During this mission, the Kunlun Mountain Ship encountered two batches of 44 small targets at sea on the scheduled route. The formation closely organized observation and vigilance, successfully blocked part of the boats, to ensure the absolute safety of the protected ships.

Were staring at that storm! The leader of the formation said, Sometimes the sea situation is changeable, so the disposal should be sensitive, decisive and fast. In view of the normalization of escort missions, the formation provisional Party committee strengthens the concept of combat readiness of officers and soldiers, and carries out special education on prevention of slack and paralysis. They analyze and judge the situation of the sea area face to face, plan the military action scientifically, and always maintain a high state of alert to ensure the safety of protected ships.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of South China Sea Fleet: Xu Meng_NN7485