Huawei Network Security Transparency Center unveiled accessible source code in Belgium

 Huawei Network Security Transparency Center unveiled accessible source code in Belgium

According to Xinhua News Agency on March 6, Huawei Network Security Transparency Center was unveiled in Brussels, Belgium, on May 5. Through this center, the source code of Huawei can be directly accessed.

Brussels is the seat of the main executive body of the European Union. According to Huawei, the center is based in Europe and mainly performs three functions.

First, show and experience: show Huaweis end-to-end network security practices from strategy, supply chain, R&D to products and solutions, including 5G (fifth generation mobile communication technology), Internet of Things, cloud and other Huawei products and solutions.

Secondly, exchange and innovation: share Huaweis network security strategy, end-to-end network security and privacy protection practice with key stakeholders, discuss and promote the establishment of relevant security standards and verification mechanisms with industry partners, and promote technological innovation in the field of network security throughout the industry.

Thirdly, security verification service: Provide platform and service for product safety testing and verification to customers in China.

Specifically, Huaweis source code, the pearl on our crown, can be directly accessed through the center, said John Suffolk, senior vice president and global cyber security and privacy officer of Huawei.

On March 5, Hu Houkun, Vice Chairman and CEO in Office of Huawei, attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech on self-vision China.

Hu Houkun, vice chairman of Huawei, said at the unveiling ceremony that Huawei fully understands peoples concerns about network security in the digital world. I believe that the correct way to solve network security problems should start with mutual understanding, which is also the purpose of establishing a security and transparency center here today.

Hu Houkun said Huawei welcomed all regulators, standards organizations and Huawei customers to make full use of the platform, cooperate more closely in the areas of safety standards, verification systems and security technology innovation, work together to improve the safety of the entire industrial value chain and promote the establishment of verification-based trust.

An open and prosperous digital Europe needs an open and up-to-date network security environment. Europe has introduced the worlds leading, open and transparent GDP R (General Data Protection Ordinance) data and privacy standards. We believe that European regulators are equally capable of leading the way in cybersecurity standards and regulatory mechanisms. Huawei is committed to working closely with all stakeholders, including regulators, operators and standards organizations, to promote the establishment of a trust system based on objective facts and verification. Hu Houkun said.

Picture from Visual China

Source: Xun Jianguo_NN7379, responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency