A woman who leads two dogs out without a rope is confiscated and fined 3050 yuan

 A woman who leads two dogs out without a rope is confiscated and fined 3050 yuan

Nanguo Metropolitan Daily, Feb. 28, 2019. On Feb. 27, Haikou City Public Security Bureau Red Island Police Station and Meilan City Police Detachment carried out remediation of dog-raising disorder in high-grade residential areas under their jurisdiction. In strict accordance with the Regulations on the Management of Urban Dog-keeping in Haikou City, a small number of residents were punished for illegal dog-keeping. On that day, two pet dogs were confiscated and a fine of RMB 3050 yuan was imposed, which played a great role. The deterrent effect obtained the support and praise of the residents in the jurisdiction.

At about 5 p.m. on the 27th, the police of Hongdao Police Station and Meilan City Police detachment patrolled the vicinity of Liudong Road in Haidian. When the police patrolled to Yaju District on the coast, they found that Ms. Yang took two pet dogs out for a walk, but did not tie the dog chain in accordance with the regulations, which posed a certain threat to the infants and children playing in the community. There were potential safety hazards and caused minor problems. Residents in the district were dissatisfied and the policemen on duty stopped Ms. Yangs behavior on the spot, but Ms. Yang ignored the policemens advice and refused to make corrections.

According to the on-site investigation by the police, there are three kinds of illegal dog-keeping behaviors in Yang Mou: 1. unauthorized dog-keeping without registration; 2. overfeeding dogs; 3. not binding the dog chain.

A further investigation by the police found that as early as November 7, 2018, Ms. Yangs illegal dog-keeping behavior had been investigated and punished, and a notice of rectification within a time limit had been issued. However, Ms. Yang refused to rectify after the time limit and did not listen to the dissuasion of the property management of the community. The plot was very serious.

Subsequently, the police took Yang Mou and his two pet dogs back to the police station for legal treatment. According to the provisions of Articles 10, 11, 28 and 44 of the Regulations on the Management of Urban Dog Raising in Haikou City, the public security organs decided to confiscate two pet dogs raised by Yang Mou and impose a fine of RMB 3050. At present, the two pet dogs raised by Yangmou are confiscated by the public security organs and sent to the Hainan Small Animal Protection Association for placement.

Because of her refusal to rectify her dog, Ms. Yang was not only confiscated, but also fined and penalized. She regretted the incident.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, Responsible Editor of South China Sea Network