US Billionaires Withdrawal from the 2020 Election: Will Use Wealth to Prevent Trumps Reelection

 US Billionaires Withdrawal from the 2020 Election: Will Use Wealth to Prevent Trumps Reelection

Former New York Mayor and Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Tuyuan: AFP

The Beijing News Express reported that Michael Bloomberg, a former New York mayor and billionaire, announced Tuesday (March 5) that he would not take part in the 2020 presidential election of the United States, according to the Associated Press. But Bloomberg said he would focus on using his resources to defeat Trump.

In recent months, Bloomberg has been considering participating as a Democrat in the presidential election of 2020. He participated in some early campaigns and formed an experienced political advisory group. But in the end, he found that the possibility of becoming a candidate for the Democratic Party was very small, so he finally decided to withdraw from the election of 2020.

According to the Guardian, Bloomberg has been very unhappy with Trumps government for calling for greater gun control and attention to climate change. Although I withdrew from the general election, Bloomberg said he would use his huge wealth to block Trumps re-election.

Reported that Bloomberg may have put the bet on former Vice President Biden, he said, We must nominate a Democrat who has the greatest potential to defeat Trump and bring our country back on track. According to an aide to Bloomberg, Bloomberg did not run, largely because Biden was likely to run. Previously, many media reports reported that Biden was almost certain to run, but he himself has not been publicly announced.

According to the Associated Press, Bloombergs withdrawal is also a lack of a direct competitor for Trump. But Bloombergs vow to block him may make his re-election even harder.

In the mid-term elections of 2018, Bloomberg funded more than $100 million for the Democratic Party, which won the control of the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper