Ba said that the Indian submarine Ocean Black Hole was successfully driven out of the water.

 Ba said that the Indian submarine Ocean Black Hole was successfully driven out of the water.

[Global Network Express Reporter Cui Tianye Zhu Mengying] The latest news from Russia Today (RT), a spokesman for the Pakistani Navy said on the 5th, has prevented an Indian submarine from trying to enter the countrys waters and forced it to return.

Pakistani Navy spokesman said in a statement the same day that the Indian submarine was discovered by the Pakistani Navy on the evening of 4 local time. The Pakistani Navy has successfully prevented Indian submarines from entering Pakistani waters with its professional skills. Considering the governments peace initiative, the Pakistani Navy did not target the Indian submarine.

In fact, the discovery of an Indian submarine with modern technology by the Pakistani Navy is a loss to the Indian Navy, the statement said.

The statement added that India should draw lessons from the incident and strive for peace.

This magnificence demonstrates the superior skills of the Pakistani navy. The Navy will continue to defend Pakistans maritime borders, and the naval forces are capable of responding to any aggression. The Pakistani Navy also wrote in the statement.

Dawn also released a live video allegedly released by the Pakistani Navy. Video footage showed that an Indian submarine was found near the Balochistan coast (23:45:13N, 63:00:36E) at 20:35 local time on March 4. The newspaper also mentioned that this was the second time since 2016 that the Pakistani Navy had found an Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistans waters.

Pakistan Today commented that tensions between India and Pakistan reached the highest level in history after Indian fighters tried to invade Pakistan and the Pakistani Air Force shot down two Indian fighters.

India Today quoted a source from Indias Ministry of Defense as saying that the video released by Pakistan is probably an old video, and Indias Ministry of Defense is verifying the authenticity of the video.

The Pakistani Ministry of Defense released news in social media that the Pakistani Navy had found a Kilo-class submarine of the Indian Navy. Kilo class submarine is a conventional submarine with excellent performance made in Russia. It is famous for its strong power, long attack distance and good stealth performance. It is called Ocean Black Hole because of its excellent silence performance.

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