Can attack submarines independently! Russian Navy will be equipped with artificial intelligence mine

 Can attack submarines independently! Russian Navy will be equipped with artificial intelligence mine

Reference News Network reported on March 6, according to Russian Satellite News Agency reported on March 5, the Russian Navy will soon equip self-learning minefield system, which can rely on noise, magnetic field and other characteristics to identify warships, submarines and even hovercraft.

The Russian Navy Command told the newspaper that minefield control components have artificial intelligence and can decide when to detonate and which targets to destroy. The system is highly prepared and its testing will be completed in 2019.

Reported that the construction of new minefields can greatly enhance the operational capabilities of the Russian fleet. The new system is called Surface, which utilizes the new research results of Russia. On this basis, robotic mines and special command and control components can also be manufactured. Moreover, Russian Navy active surface warships, submarines, maritime patrol aircraft and strategic bombers at all levels can be used as a platform for launching new intelligent mines.

According to Russian media, intelligent mines are equipped with special sensors and induction control equipment, while the hardware is equipped with special self-learning algorithms. Each deployment can set up corresponding tasks, such as destroying enemy landing ships carrying weapons and equipment only (full load state), not bombing empty vessels. Intelligent minefields can also independently arrange new combat tasks, such as ignoring minesweepers in cluster attacks and choosing to destroy enemy ships with larger tonnages.

The report points out that intelligent mine can not only organize operations, but also fight alone. In order to enhance the identification of enemies and foes, Russian researchers input the acoustic characteristics (voiceprint) of their own and enemy ships into the software, which enables their own ships to pass through the minefield safely, while enemy ships will be destroyed.

Military expert Dmitry Bolkenkov told the News that intelligent mine is a new weapon. He believes that with the help of such robotic mine obstacles, enemy fleet stationed areas, deployment routes, ports and communications can be blocked. If the concealment and automatic control of mine can be ensured, its combat effectiveness will be doubled.

The former head of the Russian Naval Command, Varynkin Serivanov, also told the News that with the development of modern technology, mines have been constantly improved and perfected. Even under modern conditions, the former is still very dangerous. (Editor/Huang Jinyi)

Source: Reference Message Network Responsible Editor: Zhang Fan_NBJS7849