Scene 1: I really hate to fight again! Real Madrid Wangs desperate eyes

 Scene 1: I really hate to fight again! Real Madrid Wangs desperate eyes

Vinexius wept bitterly

The first one to be injured was Basquez, who took the lead in the injury list tonight despite taking a break in last weekends national derby. Because of thigh muscle injury, Basquez can only leave when he is 0-2 down. When he was replaced in 29 minutes, Basquez pulled up his jersey and covered his face. His body language was extremely depressed.

Two minutes later, it was Venetiusturn to fall. After receiving a direct pass from Modric, Vinexius made a forceful breakthrough in the longitudinal direction. He completed a small angle shot on the left side of the penalty area. Unfortunately, the ball hit the side net. When he landed on the ground, Venetius sprained his right ankle, and he cried in pain. After the teams medical treatment, Venetius was still unable to maintain the game, he cried and was replaced by Arsenio.

Vinexiuss injury is still unclear, but Marca is worried that he will miss his first international debut due to injury. Late in March, Brazil will play two warm-up matches, and Venetius is on the Brazilian teams list for the first time in his career.

Bell, who came on as a substitute, was injured again before the end of the game. During a header race, Bell stepped on the other playersfeet when he landed, and his right ankle was twisted. As Real Madrid had run out of replacements, Bell could only limp through the game.

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