Beijing reverses Fujians coach but is not happy with Janis: Zhai Xiaochuan is injured again

 Beijing reverses Fujians coach but is not happy with Janis: Zhai Xiaochuan is injured again

In service, Shougangs big foreign aid Hamilton came back after lifting the ban. In the first quarter, Wang Zhelin scored 8 points, helping Fujian to lead by 23-22. Shougang team did not gradually control the situation until the second quarter of double foreign aid came out. At the end of the first half, Shougang was only one point ahead. In the third quarter, Fujian teams foreign aid Nicholson hit four three-point goals, helping the team to lead again at the end of the quarter.

At the final moment of the fourth quarter, Shougang team coach Janis replaced Tarik to limit Wang Zhelins inside attack, and arranged three pitchers on the outside, Fang Shuo, Zhu Yanxi and Zhang Cairen. This set of tactics allows the team to survive in extreme passivity. Among them, Fang Shuolian scored 10 points to help the team return to the top with 105-104. Both sides subsequently fouled, and after the free throw, the two teams drew 106. Jackson made a good layup with more than three seconds left in the game, and the Shougang team won the game fearlessly. According to technical statistics, Fang Shuomei scored 19 points. He also contributed the teams highest 28 points, plus seven assists, is the teams top winner.

After the match, Janis affirmed the teams fighting spirit, but also expressed concern about the teams current injury situation. Originally this victory should bring joy to the team, but I am not happy at the moment, because when we lost Liu Xiaoyu, Zhai Xiaochuan was injured again, hoping that his injury is not serious. We will continue to work hard and play well in the future.

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