Ozils 2 Twitters in a row to support Boateng! The 14 world champions will soon go away

 Ozils 2 Twitters in a row to support Boateng! The 14 world champions will soon go away

Ozil tweeted two successive messages on Twitter, first of all a picture of himself and Boateng, and on the side he wrote, Get up, brother. Since the beginning of the youth national team, we have celebrated so many special moments together. You are a true friend, a great man, both inside and outside the stadium.

Ozil then sent a second tweet: I regret that one of Germanys best players in the past few decades has had to leave the national team in this way. However, it is worth mentioning that Ozil did not kick the other two German international Humels and Muller who were abandoned by Loew at the same time. It seems that their relationship with Ozil is not as good as Boateng.

Ozil and the three German international players were the winners of the 2014 World Cup, but Germany failed to qualify as the defending champion in last years World Cup in Russia. After that, many experts in German football criticized Ozil as the most responsible person, believing that his photo with Turkish President Erdogan before the World Cup affected the preparation of the national team. Ozil angrily announced his withdrawal from the national team and accused German football of racism.

Now that Boateng, Homeles and Muller have been cleaned by the national team coach, Loew, for the reason of continuing to promote national team innovation, maybe Ozil will be glad that he made the choice to withdraw from the national team last year instead of being swept out like the three teammates. Of the 11 players who started for Germany in the 2014 World Cup finals, only Noel and Cross are still in the national team.

Boateng and Hummels are only 30 years old, which is the golden age of central defenders, while Mueller is only 29 years old. Many fans believe that even if the German national team wants to rejuvenate its lineup, it should not give up the three experienced players altogether. Many fans have posted on Ozils Twitter that coaches just want to find more scapegoats, which is a shameful act, Respect the players who helped Germany win the World Cup, Ozil is right for you to quit the national team, otherwise they will drive you away like the other three, Boateng also come to Arsenal.

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