Schmidt: Confident enough to win the All-North Conference and send out the strongest team to fight

 Schmidt: Confident enough to win the All-North Conference and send out the strongest team to fight

Li Lei and Yu Yongdu, who had suffered from injuries before, have recovered and accompanied the team to South Korea. On the front line, Bakambu is likely to return to the starting line-up, and his partner with Zhang Yuning, the two forwards, has also been expected by fans. This competition is the second in a week of double matches in Beijing. The tight schedule and exhaustion of the journey are another big test for the national security officers and soldiers.

Speaking about the teams preparations for the game, Coach Schmidt said: Im very happy that the Asian Championship game has begun, last season we had a hard time to return to the ranks of the Asian Championship. I think its going to be very difficult and the opponent is also the champion team of the Korean league. We have done a good job in the preparatory work. After all, the team has just gone through a tough match in the league. We arrived in Korea one day ahead of schedule and are doing well in all aspects. The lads in the team are also very active and happy. For some of their players, this is the first time to play in the Asian Championship. We will go all out and do our best on the field and have enough confidence to win the game.

Four foreign players in the team are expected to play at the same time. When a reporter asked whether this is the best lineup that the coach can discharge at present, Schmidt answered, We want to send the strongest 11 players in any match. There are U23 and foreign aid policies in domestic competitions. There are no such detailed rules to distinguish the Asian Championship, so I can be comfortable in the use of troops. Of course we will send out the strongest team, but there will also be backups in the bench. If we want to win the game, we need everyones joint efforts.

In this match, Kim Coyo has become the focus of attention of both sides. Coach Schmidt spoke highly of him. He said: Kim Cow has a short time in the team, but he is quick to prove with his ability why we have to complete the quotation. He is a very good player. I am glad that he finally chose to come to Beijing. Although he is a very young player, he still shows a mature side on the court. If he continues to grow in this way, he will have a chance to gain a foothold in Europe in the future. But we are looking at the current game and he has a good chance to start. This game against the old owners, I believe he will go all out to play the same performance as the last league.

In commenting on the teammate, Bakambu said: I really appreciate this player, not only his skills, but also his personality. He is a very charismatic person. We have a good time playing together.

Bakambu commented on the teams preparations for the match: We can play against such an excellent team in Korea here, everyone is very happy, we have made a lot of efforts to return to the Asian Championship. I hope our team can enjoy the game and win. The most important thing is to show the best. Thats what we came here for.

Some Korean journalists asked Bakambu whether he was confident of overcoming the defensive line with the lowest loss in Korean K League. To this, Bakambu answered, We are a United Offensive and defensive team. We pay attention to the whole team. The offense is 11 people, and the defense is 11 people. The offense is the common responsibility of the team. As a striker, the stronger the opponent is, the more motivated I am and I hope I can perform well.

Earlier, Quanbei Modern Coach Morris and player Li Tongguo also attended the press conference. They all talked about Jin Minao, a former all-north player who has already transferred to Heguoan in Beijing. Morris said: Its a pity that we havent worked together, but Kim is a very good player. Theres no doubt that we can be friends off the pitch, but on the pitch, I hope we can limit his performance.

As the eldest brother of Jin Minao, Li Tongguo said: On the court, as a professional player, we must be their own owners, I believe that we will do our best in the game, and I will strive to create some trouble for him.

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