Lin Shuhao lost only 2 points but made 3 mistakes - 22 efficiency value is too bad

 Lin Shuhao lost only 2 points but made 3 mistakes - 22 efficiency value is too bad

Shuhao started the game, but he was not in good condition. He lost all eight shots and only got one point from the free throw. After he came to the Raptors, he made 16 three-point shots but did not score a goal. Today, he made one shot outside the three-point line, but still failed to score.

Lin Shuhao came on with 2 minutes and 59 seconds left in the first quarter, but he did not have many chances to perform. He broke through the interior line and was hit by the nose without any penalty. He had the chance outside the three-point line, but he did not rush out in order to be safe. He didnt hit the rebound with a breakthrough until the last 15 seconds.

In the next section, Shuhao still played for a while. He assisted Lori and Powell to score successively, but it was difficult for him to open up the situation in the face of Pauls defense. On the contrary, he made a lot of mistakes. His poor form also allowed coach Nass to remove him early, and he was not given a chance to play in the first half.

Relying on their strong starting lineup, raptors caught up in the third quarter or even overcame the score, and their teammate gave him such strength. Jeremy Lin was also on the bench for a long time by Nash coach, until finally 49 seconds to get the chance to play. Teammates did not refuse to give Shuhao the ball, but also helped him find a three-point vacancy. Unfortunately, Shuhao still did not grasp it, and finally ended up playing iron.

At the end of the game, Lin Shuhao remained on the court, but he still did not perform well. After a half-shot, he was twice made a mistake by blocking and stealing with a suspected foul inside. The referee did not say anything. The Raptors managed to catch up with the score again. Coach Nass had no patience for the successive mistakes and beatings, so he could only replace the bookseller again, and the team failed to win the game in the end.