Do you think I cant do it? You say my genius is dying? Ye Shiwen: I still need to win the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

 Do you think I cant do it? You say my genius is dying? Ye Shiwen: I still need to win the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

On the evening of March 1, Ye Shiwen, 23, posted beautiful birthday photos and gifts on her microblog: Sorry to appear so late. Thank you for all your lovely wishes. It must be the warmest birthday. Love you! At the age of 23, he continued to be a brave foliage floret.

The number of comments on this microblog is 158.29, and 886.

At the end of the 2012 London Olympics, she posted more than 100,000 comments and tweets on a microblog.

Eight years later, time seemed to take away the glory that belonged to her.

After becoming the first Golden Slam in Chinese swimming history of the Olympic Games, the Long Pool World Championships, the Short Pool World Championships and the Asian Games, Ye Shiwens status is farther and farther away from peoples expectations. In 2013, the Barcelona World Championships, Ye Shiwens two main events failed, and the final results of the two events were 21 seconds behind that of the London Olympic Games; in 2016, the Rio Olympic Games appeared because of the emergence of them. Low-level mistakes, she only got the eighth.

I am totally unacceptable of my failure. As long as a training class is not good, shut yourself in the room, turn off the lights, think for a long time there, sad for a long time.

Ye Shiwen has been strong since childhood. The happiest thing is to win the first place in the swimming pool one after another, and then sit in the back seat of his fathers bicycle. Guess how much my grades have increased today? Then he looked at his fathers surprised expression when he learned the answer and laughed proudly.

In her first World Championship, Ye Shiwen won two second places. She competed with herself and cried in her room every night. Why the second? I hate second place. I must be first. I must win the championship.

At that time, for Ye Shiwen, the meaning of swimming was not only champion. When I was young, my family was not rich. In order to take good care of her, my father quit his job and my mother earned money to support the family. My sister told me a word, you must refuel and fight for the good future of your parents and family. I later understood that I could make more money on this to make my familys life better. When I won the championship, my father told me that because of your efforts, my family can build a house in my grandmothers house. I will feel very strong and hope to use my own strength to make the whole family better.

In addition to the sense of responsibility of the family, there is a gifted girl halo, so that the most painful trough, Ye Shiwen simply can not accept: For me, it is really painful, has been wandering in the trough, has been trying to become very active, every day I think about training, I look forward to training, but to the swimming pool, a dive, how do I feel so tired, muscles Why does meat hurt so much? Every day is a vicious circle.

She tried her best, but there was nothing she could do.

As her grades declined, there was also concern about her. In an open swimming media class after the Olympic Games, all the reporters gathered around Fu Yuanhui to ask questions. Ye Shiwen came out of the dressing room and took a look. He lowered his head and dragged his teammates away in a hurry.

In the past, everyone was around you, so was it sad at that time?

There will be, there will be, you have been accustomed to a lot of people will surround you, a moment feel that they have been left out, certainly there will be some gap in mind. Ye Shiwen paused for a moment: This is the case with competitive sports. You have achievements, you have strength, you are strong. If you dont get results, you can only try to speak on them.

Fortunately, at the end of the Rio Olympics, Ye Shiwen was only 20 years old. Xu Guoyi, the head coach, felt that she should try another way.

My coach loves me more. He doesnt want to see me struggling so hard in the swimming pool. He felt that if I had to do it again, I would have to pay too much, so he hoped that I would gradually integrate into the society, go to college and plan my future life.

Ye Shiwens parents, like the coachs idea, hope that the little girl will start a new life, spend their mind on learning, and plan the way ahead.

She began to try to leave the pool step by step, while studying law at Tsinghua University, while following the school swimming team for training: At the beginning, it was particularly inappropriate to go, completely unable to understand, completely unable to keep up with. Because there was no accumulation of cultural lessons before, I would be very anxious to listen to the lessons. I would go back to my room to read and recite every day, but I still feel very weak and powerless, and I feel that I cant keep up with them.

Didnt the teacher take special care of it?

Not at all!

When on the swimming team, someone helped arrange everything. In university, everything depends on herself. She learns to solve all kinds of difficulties by herself: At first, she may not take the initiative to ask others, but she cant figure it out by herself over there. Slowly adapted, found that all things have to be solved by themselves, began to seek help from students and teachers.

This is the biggest change that the school has brought to Yes poems and essays. The gifted girl who used to be silent in the mixed mining area has become the small talk in front of her now, and she keeps telling her own voice.

The school also changed her vision. Here, she is not a world champion, not a golden slam, but an ordinary college student. In the winter of Tsinghua, Ye Shiwen rode a bicycle between the classroom and dormitory, carrying thick books and carrying legal provisions everyday, eating snacks and discussing the stars gossip with his classmates in spare time...

Ye Shiwen has changed visibly. He used to be a fake boy who could only swim. He landed more and more beautiful and gentle. He also put on a light makeup. Even her weight, which caused her headache, is gradually declining. She finds that life is not just about swimming.

In August 2018, the 18th Asian Games were held in Jakarta, Indonesia. For the first time in many years, there was no name of Ye Shiwen for the Chinese team. Where did Ye Shiwen go? It became a topic of concern. It even became a hot search on micro-blog. There seemed to be some contradiction in peoples feelings for Ye Shiwen. When she was playing, she would laugh at her genius falling, but it really disappeared. After all, this is the girl that the Chinese people watched grow up, and has brought so many touches and glories.

Ye Shiwen sat in front of the TV and watched his teammates compete for gold and silver. It was not a taste in her heart. She did not want to leave as a defeated general. She has always been at a low ebb and has not really stood up yet. Her heart is still in the pool: I always think I can, even if the medley is not, I think I can try other projects, I just dont want to, I just think I can. I dont know how to describe it, but I think I still have a lot of energy in the swimming pool and can continue to swim.

Seeing her daughters mind, Dad encouraged her: If you like it, you swim down. All your champions have been won. You just need to enjoy it now. Ye Shiwen made an important decision to apply for a one-year suspension from school to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. Not only did he not give up the medley, but he also entered the competition of breaststroke events: Breaststroke is relatively the fastest to recover. Mixed swimming requires more physical strength, supported by long-term aerobic training before the race. But breaststroke more strength, pay more attention to technology, I think it can create miracles in a short time.

At the end of 2018, after a short recovery, Houye Shiwen began to compete in the local sub-stations. Before leaving, she and her friends estimated: The best result of 200 frogs this year is not high, I may have a play. Although she was a little distant from her expectations in the end, she just laughed and said, Im a little sorry! Turn around and throw yourself into a new day of training.

Im no longer under pressure. Im fighting in this pool because I love it and have dreams. If I can swim to a good result, I earn it, but I cant swim well. Anyway, I try my best, and Im still very happy.

Does that mean you dont want it as much as other athletes do?

I dont think its better if you dont want it. It must be full of desire and desire for championship before the game. Im eager to win, but Im not afraid to lose.

Ye Shiwen is different from before, but no one knows exactly where it is different. Only she knows that she began to live, not for swimming.

So is the proportion of swimming in your heart decreasing?

Pressure or love, one thing has not changed from beginning to end, that is, Ye Shiwens goal - Olympic champion: Still yearning for gold medals, yearning for miracles.

Is it a miracle?

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