The drunken boy lost his eyeballs and did not know how many hours later he could recover hopelessly.

 The drunken boy lost his eyeballs and did not know how many hours later he could recover hopelessly.

On March 5, at 5 a.m., a 26-year-old man from other places with blood all over his face rushed to the hospital under the escort of his family. Drunk somehow hurt, our local hospital said that the eyeball broke, doctor, you help to see! The boys family said anxiously.

Because of pain and high swelling of eyelids, it is difficult for the young man to cooperate with the detailed examination. To confirm the condition, the doctor on duty admitted the young man to hospital, while preparing for CT, electrocardiogram and other examinations, while contacting the anesthesiologist to prepare for surgical exploration under general anesthesia.

The patients left eyelid is highly edematous and suspected of rupture of the eyeball. At this time, the examination must be very gentle, and the eyeball cannot be examined forcibly. Otherwise, the eyeball contents will come out because of extrusion or the patients resistance to the examination, which will further aggravate the eyeball injury. Ma Baofeng, chief ophthalmologist of the hospital, said.

While the doctor was preparing for the examination, the boy called and said that he had found his eye. Eyeballs have completely come out! This is also called complete dislocation of the eyeball in medicine. Further CT examination revealed no intracerebral hemorrhage or fracture.

The time of injury should be from 23:00 to 24:00 on the night of the 4th day. The time of complete dislocation of the eyeball is longer. All the extraocular muscles and optic nerves are torn. The eyeball has no significance of surgical repayment, and the left eye will be absent in the future. Mabaofeng said that even if the optic nerve is still connected to the subluxation, it is difficult to ensure the presence of vision after surgery.

After completing the relevant examinations, around 8 a.m., the young man was pushed into the operating room to complete the layer-by-layer suture of the left eye fascia and conjunctiva and eyelid laceration.

It is reported that due to contraction of the extraocular muscles after injury, the possibility of installing artificial eye sockets in the future is very small. Anyi eye tablets can be used to improve the appearance if necessary. Ma Baofeng said.

Speaking of the specific injury process, the young man has completely forgotten because of his serious drunkenness, and his family is not clear. In this regard, Ma Baofeng said that this is the third case of complete dislocation of the eyeball he has seen in 15 years since his doctor, the previous two cases were severe impact while working, drunk and riding a motorcycle injuries.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, responsible editor of Qilu Evening News