Wu Xiaobo: Chu Shijian brought the bitterest life into sweet taste.

 Wu Xiaobo: Chu Shijian brought the bitterest life into sweet taste.

In those days there were sweets and bitters, windy peaks, bright valleys, torrential currents, and scenery on Ailao Mountain.

Early in the morning of March 5, Li Li appeared at my door in a dusty manner. The night before last he flew from Kunming to Hangzhou to send me an invitation.

Chu Shijian and Ma Jingfen will set up a Chuma Academy. On March 26, there will be a ceremony to inherit the spirit of Chu Orange and build the spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs.

An invitation was received yesterday morning.

In the afternoon came the sad news of Chu Laos death.

Li Li told me that Chu Lao was 91 years old and had severe diabetes mellitus. Some time ago, when he was in hospital, he was only over 50 kilograms thin.

In a hurry to say goodbye, I asked him to say hello to the Second Lao and try to see him in Kunming in 20 days.

At two oclock in the afternoon, suddenly came the sad news of Chu Shijians death.


Chu Shijian appeared in my book twice, once in prison and once in orange planting.

In the 1980s, he was a legendary figure in Chinas tobacco industry. With seventeen yearsefforts, he brought Yuxi Cigarette Factory, which was on the verge of closing down, to the position of the first and fifth largest tobacco factory in the country and the world. The cumulative profit-generating tax amounted to more than 80 billion yuan, and the annual tax payment accounted for 60% of Yunnans fiscal revenue.

However, he was convicted of corruption in 1996. According to the investigation of the procuratorial system, the amount of corruption committed by Chu Shijian was about 7 million yuan. In that year, it was a huge amount and could not escape the death penalty according to law.

After the incident, Chu Shijian attempted to exit through the border crossing of the border river in Yunnan Province and was intercepted by the border checkpoint. With the deepening investigation of the case, his wife, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew were all put on trial, his daughter committed suicide in prison, and his son fled abroad, which was a veritable case of scattered wives and ionized families breaking up.

Chu Shijian was on the scene of trial

However, the commendation case has caused a great wave of sympathy in the economic circles. Chu Shijian made 10 billion yuan, but his monthly salary was only 1,000 yuan. Someone calculated an account. For every 140,000 yuan of profit and tax created by the Red Tower to the state, he was praised for getting only one yuan in return.

An entrepreneur who has made such a great contribution to the national industry, his annual income is not as good as singing a song on the stage by a singer! At the Beijing two meetings in early 1998, more than a dozen deputies to the National Peoples Congress and members of the CPPCC from the business and academic circles jointly called Chu Shijian shouting grievances and called for keeping people under gun.

In January 1999, Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment for his confession and meritorious performance. When he read the judgment, he just kept shaking his head and saying nothing. A year later, Chu Shijian was granted medical parole on the grounds of illness. He and his wife contracted 2,000 mu of desolate mountain area on Ailao Mountain to grow sweet oranges.


Over the next ten years, the remote and lonely Ailao Mountain has suddenly become a place for many private entrepreneurs, some of them to go alone, some of them to visit in groups. In Wang Shis words, who first made this move, he said, Although I think he did commit a crime, it does not prevent me from respecting him as an entrepreneur.

Chu Shijians sympathy and compliments go beyond the legal defense of his case, but in fact, it is a projection of the wealth classs understanding of their own situation. Reporter Liu Jianqiang recorded a rumor: After medical parole, the government set up an account for Chu Shijian, which saved hundreds of thousands of yuan as medical expenses. It didnt take long for the money in the account to become millions, and no one knew who had put it in.

Jaspers, a German philosopher, once put forward the concept of extreme situation, in which the clouds that usually conceal our existence disappear and we suddenly face the basic propositions of life, especially death. Jaspers describes peoples anxiety and guilt in the face of this situation. At the same time, he also allows people to face it with freedom and courage and begin to think about the real theme of fate.

In a sense, Chu Shijians solo trip to Ailao Mountain is a enclosure and self-distress with strong image characteristics.

He had no resistance and no refutation to what he had suffered, nor did he intend to have any interaction with his past life and his deceased. Since the day of his ascent, his life has been rotten with the dead trees on Ailao Mountain, and his behavior itself is a typical self-exile. Therefore, between public sentiment and deliberate silence, a huge tragic effect has been created invisibly.

To protect the orange forest from gale damage

Chu Shijian gets up early every day for examination.

This is like the extreme situation of a generation of entrepreneurs struggling to grow up in a distorted market environment. Faced with this scene, they can not help arousing sympathy, forming a strong collective psychological response, everyone seems to have a cloud-wrapped Ailao Mountain.


Chu Shijian returned to the public in 2012, in a very dramatic way.

He has been growing sweet oranges for the past ten years.

In 2003, Wang Shishun, who had just finished climbing Haba Snow Mountain in Yunnan Province, visited Zhu Shijian. In a small mountain depression in Ailao Mountain, he saw an old man in his 70s squatting on the side of the road bargaining with a worker who laid a water pipe. The worker offered 80 yuan and the old man 60 yuan.

Wang Shi wrote in his book:

He was almost 75 years old. Imagine an old man, nearly 75 years old, wearing a big sunglasses and a torn T-shirt, talking to me enthusiastically about orange fruit hanging. Although he is in a bad situation, he is eager to be an entrepreneur. I thought, what would I think if I met his setbacks and reached his age? I know I will never be as brave as he is.

Chu Shijian after a days mountain Cruise

Still glancing at the distance of the orange orchard without reassurance

By 2008, Chu Shijians oranges had turned out. He was named Cloud Crown, but the local people called them Chu Orange. By 2012, orange production reached 10,000 tons, and sales suddenly became a new problem.

In October, original life e-commerce website found Chu Shijian, hoping to sell 20 tons of Chu orange. Chu Shijian never surfs the Internet, but he subconsciously feels he can try.

On November 5, 2012, Zhu Orange went online, and in five minutes, the servers of the original life network went out of service. Within three days, 20 tons were sold out, the website was urgently refunded, and 200 tons were sold in 10 days. No one would have expected that the personalized products of the mobile Internet era would be exploded by an 85-year-old man trapped in Ailao Mountain.

The new orange is on the market, but the supply exceeds the demand.

There are always ups and downs in life, and spirits can be inherited. This is a promotional word that some young people on the website come up with for Zhu Orange. A few simple Chinese characters are permeated with all the twists and turns of the times and stubbornness.


In recent years, whenever the orange is on the market, I will order two boxes silently on the internet. First, I am inspired by the entrepreneurship of the elderly in the eighties, and second, I will taste the sweetness and bitterness of Ailaoshan Mountain.

The 40-year history of Chinese enterprises is essentially a spiritual history of human beings. Behind every entrepreneurs story, there are numerous ups and downs of individual life. Chu Shijians life is tortuous, and every step seems to be involuntary. The scenery at the peak is awesome, while the desolation at the trough is dim. When he walked up the Ailao Mountains, he had no intention to prove anything to the world.

Born in 1928, Chu Shijian is the same age as Wu Renbao of Huaxi Village. Younger than him is Zhuangyu Zuomin of Daqiu in 1930. Younger than him are Bu Xinsheng and Feng Gensheng in 1934, Li Jingwei and Ma Shengli in 1939, and Lu Guanqiu in 1945. These people, who started in the meadows and poverty, but changed their destiny with their own courage and courage, have become stars today.

An era that can make ordinary people shine is probably a good one. Life is really not as good as an orange, rare and perfect, bitter and sweet indisputable.

Make a couplet and give it awayu2014u2014

In this life, he became king at the age of 50, was imprisoned at the age of 70, grew oranges at the age of 80, and left at the age of 91.

In those days there were sweets and bitters, windy peaks, bright valleys, torrential currents, and scenery on Ailao Mountain.