Xiaomi 9 cant be bought and is accused of playing monkey. Lei Jun has experienced transformation pains.

 Xiaomi 9 cant be bought and is accused of playing monkey. Lei Jun has experienced transformation pains.

Author | Yuan Silai

Editor | Han Honggang

53 seconds, millet 9 sold out.

In the official view, this is a news bulletin, millets new mobile phone is still as popular as ever, but in the consumers view, this is another monkey trick, Lei Jun at the conference vowed to spot, but now almost two weeks later, millet 9 is still out of supply.

Not only Jingdong, Tianmao and other network platforms have run out, but even the millet home offline stores, according to the clerks introduction to 36 krypton reporters, two days ago, the spot has been sold out. At present, only full reservations are accepted, 7-10 working days before the arrival of the goods. Compared with the network channel, there is no need to rush to buy offline, booking guarantees the delivery.

From Lei Juns and Lin Bins microblogs, they are also full of anxiety. Lei Jun left behind If the millet supply is less than one million units in the first month of September, you dont have to rush, I will go to the factory to screw! In that case.

But Lei Juns harsh words cant open the bottleneck of the new machines capacity climbing, and solve the problem of the low quality rate of millet 9 camera lens and module locally, even if Lin Bin sleeps beside the production line.

In fact, when Millet decides to occupy the starting position of Qualcomm Miolong 855 chip flagship aircraft, the shortage is the inevitable result.

Now that the mobile phone industry has become the Red Sea, manufacturers are scrambling for share. Glorys flagship V20 went on sale last year, and the IQOO shipment date of the same Qualcomm 855 chip as Millet 9 was only 10 days later than Millet. Who wants to sell futures means that the users of the empty window will be handed over. In this way, the outage of millet 9 is not a hunger marketing, but a helpless move.

Didnt Millet anticipate such a situation? For a company that has been listed for nine years, it is difficult to classify the shortage as an accident.

Inventory pressure

Lei Jun has faced the question of shortage more than once, and his answer is that because the profit margin of millet sales is low, it can not bear too much inventory, or even, millet will pursue zero inventory, so the shortage has become a normal.

The stock of millet is rising year by year. According to millets prospectus and financial report, its inventory has increased sharply from 8.37 billion yuan at the end of 2016 to 16.34 billion yuan at the end of 2017, and reached 21.74 billion yuan in the half year of 2018, accounting for 19.2% of millets total assets.

There are two ways to solve the inventory pressure, one is to predict more accurately, the other is to transfer risk. For a long time in the past, the offline channels that millet neglected were crucial in solving these two problems.

Objectively, the mobile phones of various manufacturers have been very standardized, and the loyalty of users is usually not so high. It also makes it even more confusing whether the new device will become a financial explosion. Millet 4 and Note had experienced a backlog and had to cut orders from suppliers. But offline channels, like capillaries, penetrate into the sinking market and are close to the living users. Their market perception is very keen. They often have more accurate insight into the micro-market, so the bottom-up feedback may be more predictable.

On the other hand, it is easier for dealers and manufacturers of physical stores to establish strong links, and some even cross-shareholding, they have the motivation and willingness to help manufacturers bottom-up. Even if the follow-up sales are insufficient, they can stop the loss by lowering the price. Whether its Apple, OV or Huawei, distributors play a role as safety mats.

Millet profit margin is too low, no dealer is willing to reduce costs, the millet mobile phone to the second and third tier cities and even Township counters. Millet channel strength is weak, management level and personnel training system need to be improved, and can not predict sales well and disperse risks. The two are interacting. Kong Jing, an observer of the science and technology industry, told 36 krypton

Millet clearly wants to change this situation. This time millet 9 is out of stock, the official response of millet is that because of the strategy adjustment, millet 9 as a high-end machine, this meeting will be under the main line of attack, and diversion led to insufficient supply. Perhaps, such a new machine out of stock is the transformation must experience the pain.

Only fast, not broken?

It seems to be the norm for millet to start first and break the supply of new machines. In the early years, when the smartphone market boomed, millets intentional or unintentional hunger marketing was once the best free advertising.

Needless to say, the smart phone market has been highly homogeneous, who can first release the technical selling points of the iteration, it means winning the first game. In addition to their hard work on appearance and cameras, the core force is the chip, which represents the standard of a flagship aircraft, and is also a symbol of the sense of technology of mobile phones.

At first, millet gained its reputation by getting high-performance components and setting up its own high-configuration, low-price technology geek set-up. This is also the reason why it is important to attract rice noodles and maintain its loyalty and brand image.

However, with the improvement of R&D capabilities of major manufacturers, this system has gradually lost its potential in the past. In 2018, three manufacturers released 7-nm chips: Huawei Kirin 980, Apple A12 and Qualcomm Kunlong 855. Just because the chips are self-sufficient, both Apple and Huawei launched their flagship iPhone XS series and Mate 20 with the latest 7-nm chip last year. It can be said that the two families have taken the lead.

The remaining Android handset manufacturers, especially the major ones, can compete for Qualcomm Moulong 855.

Vivos sub-brand IQOO is a strong new competitor. It is also kou cost-effective, the configuration is similar, clearly points out that millet soup. Ji Xiaojun, who has worked in the supply chain industry for many years, believes that it has become a tradition for Millet Digital Flagship Aircraft to launch the M8-Series chips. The cross-cutting of IQOO also led to millet having to further advance the time of releasing the new machine, or lose the topic of starting and also a blow to extreme guest design.

Ji Xiaojun said that the current Android manufacturers production lines are much the same. The millet company is not deep in the vertical supply chain. It uses the same supply chain as the whole industry, and has no production factory. It has no special advantages in the supply chain and production stage. If we want to ensure the domestic launch of M8, we must release it before we have enough stock, otherwise it may lag behind our domestic counterparts in terms of release time. He told 36 krypton.

That is to say, millet has no extra care in the supply chain, and no self-developed chips as backing. To ensure the start of the M8 series, we can only trade time for space, seize the commanding heights first, and then gradually solve the problem of good product rate. As for the complaint of rice flour, it was also a sacrifice that had to be made.


It can also be seen from the chip that the lack of investment in research and development in the early stage of millet has gradually revealed its drawbacks.

If it can be delayed for one month, and wait for productivity to gradually climb the slope, maybe the situation will be very different, but the rhythm behind Friends and Businessmen is reluctant to millet.

The problem is that its not a long-term solution to scramble for such topics as starters. For a technology company, the best choice is to rely on black technology to lead the topic. For example, FACEID and off-screen fingerprint technology.

Supply chains are generally not easy to stand in line, unless the manufacturer is willing to invest or joint R&D.

Take Apple for example, FaceEID was not invented, but after eight years of research and development, it took a lot of money to acquire upstream and downstream companies to complete. In China, this trend is becoming more and more obvious. Vivo cooperated with Xinsi at that time and launched the screen fingerprint identification technology. This eye-catching technology will lead to a trend, the earliest developed manufacturers will naturally have stronger voice power, how much can get rid of the state of being subject to others.

But millet is late in catching up with the new technology. It takes a lot of money to invest in the supply chain. Vivo has pioneered four or five generations of screen fingerprint technology. Millet only sold 8 screen fingerprint editions on a large scale in 2018. The Exploratory Edition has not been available for a long time because it has not conquered the mass production of structured light technology. Kong Jing told 36 krypton.

It has to be said that millet has been working hard, and its shipment is increasing rapidly every year. Even millet is not the first company to claim spot sales and jump tickets. Millets annual outage not only has its own business model, but also has the helplessness to face the difficult problems of supply chain.

On March 3, Lei Jun announced that BYD had become the second generation mill of millet 9. Complaints about the outage may soon dissipate, but for the transforming millet, the underlying concern behind the outage is more thorny and fundamental than increasing sales.

Source: 36 krypton Responsible Editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541