Science and technology bigwigs two sessions: what did Ding Lei, Robin Li and Ma Huateng say?

 Science and technology bigwigs two sessions: what did Ding Lei, Robin Li and Ma Huateng say?

In the report on the work of the government at the second session of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Prime Minister proposed to accelerate the development of emerging industries. Deepening R&D and application of big data and artificial intelligence, fostering new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other emerging industrial clusters, and strengthening the digital economy.

This is bound to inject new momentum into the science and technology industry, then, in the industry of science and technology pilots, have any specific proposals and suggestions, smart bacteria summarized and combed as follows.

On March 4, this years two sessions, members of the CPPCC National Committee, directors and CEO of the company brought a number of proposals covering such topics as innovative and intelligent education methods, promoting advanced manufacturing upgrading, e-commerce precision poverty alleviation and healthy Internet access for minors.

Ding Lei: AI + Education Eliminates the Educational Divide between Urban and Rural Areas E-commerce Precision Poverty Alleviation

Ding Lei, member of the CPPCC National Committee and director and CEO of Netease Corporation, proposed that Internet technology such as AI + education could be used to eliminate the gap between urban and rural education, eliminate the inter-generational transmission of poverty, and promote the balanced development of urban and rural education in China. Live broadcasting, VR, and other intelligent education technologies can synchronize high-quality education resources to poor mountainous areas. He suggested that we should build a network digital school integrating urban and rural areas, introduce high-quality educational resources, strengthen the cultivation and promotion of teachersability, innovate intelligent education mode, and attach importance to the quality education of students in poor areas.

In the field of adolescent education and healthy growth, Ding Lei has made special proposals for two consecutive years. This year, he proposed popularizing the childrens model of intelligent devices to reduce childrens excessive addiction to intelligent devices. He also proposed providing more venues for childrens outdoor activities and enhancing childrens awareness of outdoor activities.

Robin Li: building intelligent transportation plan and improving electronic medical record management

CPPCC National Committee member and founder of Baidu Inc CEO Robin Lis proposal is still related to artificial intelligence. He suggested that easing traffic congestion is usually the main means of expanding transport infrastructure. Due to the limited physical space, traditional ways can not effectively alleviate congestion. By using new technologies such as artificial intelligence and building intelligent transportation solutions, we can realize comprehensive perception, global decision-making, real-time control of traffic, effectively alleviate traffic congestion, reduce traffic accidents, and make people travel more smoothly and safely.

Robin Li also pointed out that improving the interoperability of electronic medical records will enhance the efficiency of medical treatment. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence based on electronic medical records is expected to alleviate the problems of insufficient medical resources, uneven distribution and poor service homogeneity.

In addition, Robin Li also suggested that the leading authorities of the government should take the lead in organizing interdisciplinary industry experts, artificial intelligence enterprise representatives, industry users and the public and other related parties to carry out the research and top-level design of artificial intelligence, so as to improve the well-being of the people, promote the healthy development of the industry, and master the initiative of the new round of technological revolution.

Ma Huateng: Accelerating the Development of Industrial Internet and Implementing Employment Priority

Ma Huateng, deputy to the National Peoples Congress and chairman and CEO of Tencents board of directors, suggested vigorously promoting the construction of information infrastructure, consolidating the development foundation of industrial Internet, speeding up the overall commercial deployment of 5G and IPv6, promoting the innovative development of cloud computing, encouraging the acceleration of the development of various cloud platforms, such as industrial cloud, financial cloud, government cloud, medical cloud, educational cloud and traffic cloud, and accelerating the real economy. Digital transformation.

Ma Huateng has also submitted suggestions concerning the healthy growth of adolescents for three consecutive years. He suggests that we should take measures from the perspectives of Internet access management, parental involvement, enterprise technical measures, and the cultivation of public concepts, so as to achieve more systematic and effective network protection for minors.

Lei Jun: Layout 5G Application Suggestion Research and Development Target of Intelligent Transportation

Lei Jun, deputy to the National Peoples Congress and CEO of Millet, said that Internet of Things (IOT) has attracted great attention of enterprises as a key supporting technology for connecting people, machines and equipment. 5G technology advantages can better meet the needs of industrial control, while providing remote control and data flow management tools for manufacturing enterprises in order to manage a large number of devices more efficiently and intelligently, and access these devices through wireless networks. Line software updates.

It is suggested that the state should increase financial support to key areas such as high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet of Things, guide the central and local industrial investment funds and social capital, carry out vertical transformation around large manufacturing enterprises upstream and downstream, strengthen research and development of major technologies such as automated production lines and unmanned factories, create virtual industrial closed-loop and improve industrial production. Efficiency and overall international competitiveness.

Among the numerous application scenarios of 5G, driverless driving and vehicle networking are considered as the most likely triggers. He also suggests that the state study, formulate and promulgate the medium and long-term development goals of intelligent transportation, and formulate relevant laws and regulations and industry standards to support industrial development.

Yang Yuanqing: Intelligent Promotion of Industrial Upgrading and Efficiency Dividend

Yang Yuanqing, deputy of the National Peoples Congress and chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, puts forward the suggestion of vigorously enhancing the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry and promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in view of the development dilemma faced by Chinas manufacturing industry. He believes that the development level of Chinas manufacturing industry should be improved by accelerating the intelligent transformation of the whole value chain of manufacturing industry, formulating and improving the high-standard quality supervision system, and building a Chinese brand with global influence.

In addition to the difficulties facing the development of manufacturing industry, Chinas economy also urgently needs to seek new growth momentum. Yang Yuanqing also pays special attention to production efficiency. He believes that by vigorously developing the intelligent Internet of Things and innovating production technology, the productivity of traditional industries can be improved. In view of this, Yang Yuanqing put forward some suggestions to create efficiency dividend, and suggested that we should strengthen the theoretical demonstration and exploration of efficiency dividend and establish a clear policy orientation.

Liu Qingfeng: AI ushers in the golden harvest period and suggests accelerating infrastructure construction

Liu Qingfeng, chairman of HKUST Xunfei, mentioned that 2019 will be the year of large-scale application of AI, and the golden harvest period of AI will begin in 2019.

It is suggested that the state speed up the construction of AI infrastructure, let AI serve all aspects of life, better solve the balanced development of compulsory education, achieve teaching according to aptitude, let intelligent medical assistant assist doctors in diagnosis, promote the improvement of basic medical level, through the construction of AI infrastructure, on the one hand, optimize the structure of social input, on the other hand, enhance social service capability. Strength, improve peoples sense of acquisition, happiness, with artificial intelligence to build a better world!

Zhou Hongzhu: Entering the era of interconnection of all things, we suggest to build a network security brain

Zhou Hongzhu, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of 360 Group, said that the rapid application and popularization of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G communication technology has made our economy, society, production and life more and more run on the network, and the world has entered the era of interconnection of all things.

Zhou Hongzhu believes that from the perspective of network security, everything should be interconnected and programmable, which means that the physical world and the virtual world have been opened up, the boundary between online and offline is disappearing, and the attacks of cyberspace will penetrate the virtual space and directly map to the security of the physical world. In addition, with the development of the Internet of Things, the number of intelligent devices connected to the Internet can grow to tens of billions. Every smart device may become the entry point of attack.

But the current network security concept and defense system can not deal with future security problems. He mentioned that in the face of the complex and changeable network environment in the era of interconnection of all things, the high integration of big data of network security and overall defense are particularly critical. He hoped that the state could unite operators, National Research institutes, as well as state-owned enterprises and private network security research institutes to build a network security brain, realize the network security brain joint defense linkage, and form the overall integration of network security. Power.

Sun Pishu: Deep Digging 5G Potential Great Business Opportunities and Developing Industrial Internet

Sun Pishu, deputy of the National Peoples Congress and chairman of the Wave Group, proposed that at present, the new generation of information technology has become an important driving force for accelerating the realization of inclusive development of the digital economy. However, the traditional Internet mainly focuses on the consumption field, which can no longer meet the current needs in depth and breadth, resulting in inadequate capacity for industrial digital transformation, upgrading and transformation. Digital industrialization needs to be further linked to the government, enterprises and individuals.

Sun Pishu believes that it is necessary to dig deep into the huge potential business opportunities of 5G, promote the application of 5G in more commercial scenarios, promote the construction of cloud computing platform, big data platform and edge computing platform in industrial cities, and provide digital infrastructure for urban development.

In addition, he also put forward three problems to be solved in the development of industrial Internet at this stage: first, to solve the real economys fear of industrial internet; second, to solve the problem of strong personalized requirements of enterprises. Each enterprise has its own personalized characteristics and its own personalized application system; third, vigorously cultivate a globally competitive industrial Internet platform operators.