Tesla responded that Model 3 was detained: reaching a rectification plan with Customs

 Tesla responded that Model 3 was detained: reaching a rectification plan with Customs

Pengchao journalist Bao Yuhun

The latest Tesla model 3, which arrived in China recently, has been suspended by the Chinese Customs. Vehicles that have been released are not allowed to be sold or used. The reason is that the labels of these models are printed incorrectly.

On March 6, Tesla told the surging news (www.thepaper.cn) that the negligence was caused by the misprint of the nameplate on some Model3 vehicles. We have reached a rectification plan with the General Administration of Customs and are working closely to restore the vehicle clearance process as soon as possible. Vehicles will be delivered to customers as soon as possible after they have been checked and cleared. This does not affect the sales of Model 3 in China.

It is understood that the Shanghai Customs found in the inspection that 1600 Tesla Model 3 brake fluid tanks have only English logo, but no corresponding Chinese content.

Huang Weidong, a customs researcher in Waigaoqiao Port, Shanghai, told Peng Mei in a previous interview that according to the relevant regulations of inspection of imported vehicles in China, all warning information inside imported vehicles must be translated in Chinese, otherwise it will be deemed to be substandard.

On February 22, Tesla held the first delivery ceremony of Model 3 in Beijing. According to the original plan, the Model3 currently arriving in China will be delivered to users by the end of February and this month.

At present, China is the largest automobile market in the world. In 2018, China sold about 28 million vehicles, while the United States, the worlds second largest car market, sold about 17 million vehicles. China is also the worlds largest market for electric vehicles.

Teslas annual report for 2018 shows that the companys annual revenue in China is $1.757 billion, down 15.4% from the previous year, and its sales in China in 2017 are $2.027 billion. In January this year, Teslas factory in Shanghai officially announced the start of construction. In the future, Model 3 will become the main model produced by the factory in Shanghai.

At Teslas fourth-quarter earnings conference last year, Musk said that the landing of Chinese factories was a key factor in achieving an annual production of 500,000 cars.