India is buying Russian weapons: renting a nuclear submarine for $3 billion

 India is buying Russian weapons: renting a nuclear submarine for $3 billion

Indian Navy-equipped Chakra submarine (former Russian Akula class)

[Global Times synthesis report] India will spend $3 billion on leasing its second nuclear submarine from Russia. Sources in the Russian military industry confirmed the great masterpiece of Russian-Indian military cooperation on the 5th.

India and Russia may sign an intergovernmental agreement on March 7 to hire a Russian Akula class attack submarine, which is expected to be delivered in 2025 for a 10-year lease, the Russian newspaper said Friday. This is the largest military cooperation order Russia has received since India signed a $5.5 billion S-400 air defense missile system contract with Russia last year. Reports revealed that as early as 2013, Russia and India began negotiations on leasing nuclear submarines. At present, the submarine is located in the North Devinsk Shipyard, Russia has built a total of 15 nuclear submarines. Indias Economic Times reported that Russia will upgrade the nuclear submarine in an all-round way, installing Indias communication and detection system, the upgraded nuclear submarine will be like a new submarine. In addition, the nuclear submarine will absorb a large number of Indian technicians in the upgrade process. India can gain considerable experience, which is very helpful for India to develop its own nuclear submarine.

Russias Military Observation website said Friday that this is not the first time India has leased nuclear submarines to the Soviet Union or Russia. In 1988, India leased a Charlie class nuclear submarine from the Soviet Union for three years. India was very satisfied with the submarine. In 2012, India leased an Akula-class nuclear submarine from Russia for another 10 years at a price of $900 million. Reported that India plans to extend the lease of the nuclear submarine until 2027, until the new leased nuclear submarine completes testing and delivers to the Indian Navy. Although Indias leased Russian nuclear submarines are only equipped with conventional weapons, they can give India an important strategic advantage in the region. Nuclear submarines can stay underwater for months and are difficult to detect, which is a great deterrent to the enemy. (Liu Yupeng)

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