US Super Carrier Abandoned in Advance? US Media: Savings of US$30 billion

 US Super Carrier Abandoned in Advance? US Media: Savings of US$30 billion

Relatively young and energetic carrier Truman frequently appears in hot spots around the world.

[Global Times reports special correspondent Shi Liufeng] The US Defense News disclosed on the 4th that the Pentagon was prepared to abandon the mid-term overhaul of the Truman supercarrier, so that the aircraft carrier could be used for at least 25 years ahead of schedule to scrap. Whats the purpose of this initiating various speculations in the United States?

Middle-aged aircraft carrier laid off ahead of schedule

Defense News said Thursday that the U.S. military is ready to cancel the Trumans medium-term overhaul plan, stop adding nuclear reaction fuel rods to the aircraft carrier, and gradually retire it to save operating expenses. The US National Interest website discloses that in the budget submitted in March for fiscal year 2020, the US Navy will propose a plan to retire the Truman 25 years ahead of schedule, thus saving the Navy $30 billion over 25 years, which can be used for other priorities. The Pentagon revealed that the decision was a compromise for the purchase of two new Ford class carriers.

The decision to retire active carriers in advance will directly reduce the number of available carriers from 11 to 10 for quite a long time. This has greatly annoyed Congress. The United States Congress has long legislated that no fewer than 11 aircraft carriers should be in active service. Democratic Senator Tim Kenny said he could not understand when he heard the news and that it was a waste to retire an aircraft carrier that could last 25 years in advance. Joe Courtney, chairman of the Navy and Force Delivery Subcommittee of the House Military Committee, said that no proposal for the retirement of Truman will ever be passed.

Does the Pentagon retreat?

The Truman, launched in 1996 and commissioned in 1998, is the eighth U.S. nuclear carrier of Nimitz class. Because of its relatively strong age, it has been frequently seen in major hot spots around the world in recent years. After completing its last overseas deployment last year, the carrier returned to the United States and was scheduled to undergo a mid-term overhaul in 2024 to reload fuel for the carriers nuclear reactor core to ensure its normal 50-year service life. Once the mid-term overhaul is missed, Truman will not be able to replace the fuel rods of the nuclear reactor. Once the nuclear reactor is shut down for a period of time, the fate of the aircraft carrier will have to be shut down and decommissioned.

But will the U.S. Army really retire this middle-aged aircraft carrier? According to the US War Zone website, the mid-term overhaul of aircraft carriers is an extremely complex engineering and construction project involving more than 680 suppliers in 40 states of the United States. Newport News shipyard, which is responsible for building and maintaining aircraft carriers, warned that just delaying normal medium-term overhauls could force shipyards to cut 1,200 jobs, affect the operational stability of industrial bases for building aircraft carriers and pose risks to the ability to continue building navies and fleets. In addition, if the number of supercarriers in service is reduced, the U.S. military will have to mix supercarriers with amphibious attack ships carrying F-35B to maintain enough air-sea combat power through a combination of weight and weight. Such a patchwork will inevitably harm the interests of the US Navy.

According to Defense News, the Pentagon is actually playing a trick of retreat, deliberately abandoning priority budget items and putting pressure on the government to achieve the objective of disguised requests for additional budgets. During the Obama presidency, the Pentagon proposed that the 1992 U.S. carrier Washington be decommissioned early to cut costs. To prevent disputes with Congress, the U.S. government compromised and offered to increase the budget. This time, Truman was used as a bargaining chip to get more budgets, but it was just a repetition of the US militarys old skills.

Will the U.S. military budget never be enough?

The Washington Times criticized that in the recent budget war, the U.S. military was crying poor all over the world. The U.S. Navy has announced that it will retire its main carrier ahead of schedule and delay the purchase of two nuclear submarines. The Air Force is clamoring to buy F-15X fighters with poor performance, on the grounds that the F-35 stealth fighter is too slow to fill the retirement gap of active fighters.

U.S. military research expert Xu Shu told the Global Times on the 5th that the Pentagon has always claimed that incomes are not enough, mainly due to the U.S. militarys global deployment and excessive armament standards. At present, the U.S. military is not only deeply mired in the war against terrorism, but also needs to maintain the absolute leading military level in the competition among big powers. It has long maintained the worlds largest nuclear arsenal, the largest number of aircraft carrier expeditions and more than 300 military bases overseas. The huge investment of resources can not be reduced, and it is even more difficult to adjust future goals. The so-called limited military budget can never meet unlimited mission needs.

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