Pakistan arrested 44 members of the Mohammed Army, including two important figures

 Pakistan arrested 44 members of the Mohammed Army, including two important figures

[Global Times comprehensive report] Reuters quoted Pakistans Ministry of Interior as saying that the Pakistani government arrested two close relatives of the terrorist organization Mohammed Army leader Masood Azhar on the same day. The Mohammed Army had previously claimed responsibility for the attacks in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Pakistans Ministry of the Interior said in its draft that Pakistan had decided to take action against the Mohammed Army. Forty-four members of the armed group, including two close relatives of Masood Azhar, Abdullah Raoufa and Hamad Azhar, have been arrested. Indias New Delhi Television said last week that the names of the two men, Abdullah Raufah and Masood Azhars brother, were mentioned in intelligence shared between India and Pakistan.

According to the Dawn News of Pakistan, the Pakistani Navy issued a statement on the same day, saying that the Pakistani Navy successfully prevented an Indian submarine trying to break into Pakistani waters on the evening of the 4th. The Pakistani Navy also released videos taken by anti-submarine helicopters from the air. Reported that this is the second time since 2016 that the Pakistani Navy has found Indian submarines trying to enter the Pakistani sea area. A spokesman for the Pakistani Navy said that the Pakistani side did not attack the Indian submarine because Pakistan pursues a peace policy and Indian submarines are not our targets. Indian Defense Ministry sources told India Today television on the 5th that they are verifying the authenticity of the video. (Yang Chen)

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