Is it time to fall in love? Ye Shiwen shouted to the god: You are the most handsome swimming team!

 Is it time to fall in love? Ye Shiwen shouted to the god: You are the most handsome swimming team!

A few days ago, Yeko spent her 23rd birthday in intensive training. Since she won the Olympic championship at the age of 14, everyone has witnessed her beautiful transformation. Now she, gentle and lovely, has been the goddess of the swimming team level of beauty. Ye Shiwen once said in an interview that her family allowed her to start dating at the age of 20, so now she has a boyfriend?

The circle elder sister tells everybody very affirmatively, did not have! However, Yezi has quietly revealed the male god in her heart to her sister, who is an old acquaintance of the swimming team!!! So, now I want to sell my friends and seek our good fortune!

Ye Shiwen: Wang Shun, who is the most handsome? I think its Shun Ge.

(Wow, surprise, surprise?)

Circle Sister: Why?

Ye Shiwen: First of all, there are many handsome people in Yan Duan Team. But I think that his air is overbearing, and some of his speech is human. Handsome is not only the appearance, but also the internal more important.

Sister Quan: Hows he inside?

Ye Shiwen: I think Shun Ge is a very considerate athlete. He has a very high EQ. When he sees you, he wont say anything about himself first, he will care about you first, and he will think about your problems first, so I think hes very warm. For example, when he walks together, he sees two fruits for you. He doesnt eat them first. He gives them to you first. He gives them to you first when he sees water. Its a gentleman.

Circle elder sister: So Shun elder brother is your ideal type?

Ye Shiwen: Once upon a time, his personality was my ideal type. But theres one thing, if its really a warm man, I hope its just me, not all warm.

Circle elder sister: If you want to fall in love, will you find Shun elder brother like this?

Ye Shiwen: Not necessarily. I dont think thats really good. Many of the criteria you listed are that when you meet someone, you may feel right and talk about it. I value feeling very much.

Circle Sister: In fact, there may be some rules and regulations in the heart of everyone who says that they value feeling. What are your rules and regulations for you?

Ye Shiwen: First of all, we should have good character and be kind, because I am a very kind person. I hope to be mature, because I am a girl who is especially strong and strong. I think if the other party is not mature, he may not stand me, a more mature and stronger boy than me, I will become weaker in front of him, will put down some of his strength.

So the male god of lobule is Shun Ge, do you guess right?

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