Shen Mengchen: I am sweeter than Haitao in private.

 Shen Mengchen: I am sweeter than Haitao in private.

Information Times reported on March 6 (Reporter Cai Mujia) that the reality show DaughtersLove is being broadcast on Mango TV. Selina, Ren Rongxuan, Fu Yuanhui, Shen Mengchen and their dads are invited to watch the whole process of their daughters love. As the only non-single female guest in the program, Shen Mengchen contributes to the daily life with her boyfriend Du Haitao, which is the first time in nearly six years that they have fallen in love with each other so high-profile. Everything in the program changed to two peoples part, that is large-scale sugar scene. Yesterday, Shen Mengchen, in an interview with reporters from the Information Times, said that in reality, the two people are actually sweeter than in the program.

Haitao has a high EQ and never loses his temper.

Didnt expect to become an idol drama heroine. It was only after watching the program that I found out that I was so sweet and so romantic. This is Shen Mengchens feeling after she participated in DaughtersLove. In fact, not only is this respect, many viewers also said that every time they watch the program, they are spilled too much dog food on the host CP. Speaking of the reasons for participating in the program, Shen Mengchen said, I want to satisfy your questions about me and Haitao, because when they were first together, there were many puzzling voices outside. So this time she came to sun her boyfriend, I hope to tell you through the program, what kind of person Haitao is. Now everyone knows that he is a very careful, intimate and warm boyfriend.

Love for many years, why can you still be as sweet as love? Its a question that you all ask after reading it. For keeping love fresh, Shen Mengchen said, Every day has a ritual feeling. Like February 14 just past, although both of them were abroad, Haitao had planned to surprise her early - Shen Mengchens flowers and rabbits on Weibo that day. Among them, 2072 on roses was the number of days they spent together. Rabbits were purchased abroad before because they looked like them. He kept them at Haitaos house after they bought them and took care of them.

Some people say they are as sweet as they are in an idol play, while Shen Mengchen says, In fact, we are the same in and out of the show. Its not that were so sweet on the show that we quarrel in private, but we dont. We are even sweeter in private than in the show, because it is a program after all, so we will grasp a yardstick, afraid that the audience is not adapted. Were sweeter in private. The sweeter one is the one that my broker and everyone around me cant stand.

Ideal love? Shen Mengchen said that love is now owned. Haitao not only gives her an irreplaceable sense of security, but also carefully and patiently. He is a super-invincible and patient person who never loses his temper or speaks loudly. He has a very high EQ. When you are unhappy, he will use more ingenious methods to make you happy.

Being urged to marry is a good thing, but at this stage, career is the main thing.

In a recent broadcast, Haitaos parents moved from northeast to Changsha. Shen Mengchen seldom cooks in order to entertain quasi-father-in-law and quasi-mother-in-law. She also won praise from Haitaos teacher Chang. Even Shen Da, who was sitting in the shed and observing, said, Mengchen and Tao Ma are better off now than she and her mother. In this regard, Shen Mengchen said with a smile, I am as good to Chang as my mother.

Daughters and grandmothers-in-law, and fathers also support prospective sons-in-law. Shen Dad had mentioned that couples quarreled and had conflicts, and would first look for problems from their daughters. Shen Mengchen explained, My father has always been like this. No matter what happens, he must look for problems from me first, because he thinks that things are divided into two parts, not all other peoples problems, or all my problems. But no matter what the problem is, first of all, my father has always been so harsh.

When Haitao and Shen Mengchen will get married is also a matter of concern. For your marriage, Shen Mengchen said, Its a good thing. Because everyone very much hopes that you can go to the palace of marriage, and then very happy. Understand. But at this stage, she still focuses on her career.

Source: Responsible Editor of Information Times: Zhang Yi_NBJS7487